Ethics & Justice -Near Future -Written Oct.25.1999

Ethics & Justice – Near


First off, I will state that I believe
Man is inherently good. We may act badly and do evil things at times, but we
always know before,during, and after, that we are doing wrong. The psychologists
will tell you that it is the norms of the society which resides within your
subconcious that tells you that you are doing wrong. A sort a yardstick with
which you grade your behaviour. “Everyone thinks this is wrong so it is wrong
and I’m wrong.”

I disagree. People are basically good.
The moral yardstick resides in our very nature as a natural state. Very young
children look embarrassed and quilty when they do things they know is wrong, yet
have never been told yet that doing that activity was

Even the psychotic serial killer will
tell you that he knew that he was doing wrong right from the beginning. They
stop themselves from their obsession to kill in their earlier years but give in
later, yet knew inherently that they were doing evil. Probably felt no remorse
but they still knew it was wrong. They hate themselves more than
societies norm that tells them it’s wrong.

Nothing much is happening on the surface
in the area of ethics and justice around the world. Things will remain the same
for a few more years. The West and some other countries have a two-tier justice
system, whereas the wealthy, famous and well-connected receive lighter sentences
for their crimes. The business executive receives a two year sentence for
bulking millions from pensioners while a lower status person gets twenty years
for robbing a bank of a few thousand dollars. Killing your children carries a
light sentence in most countries. Murder with remorse or insanity recieves
lighter sentences. Lawyers can play the legal loop-holes and drag a case on for
years, usually at the expense of the tax-payers.

At present, the judges, elected or placed
by political patronage, have generally swung their sympathies and compassions
over to the criminal. The language of the courts have been designed to paint the
victim as an object, not a person. Victim impact statements are starting to be
used but they can only be effective if the victim is still alive or articulate
in communicating their lose. People are suing for large sums in a game of ‘get
rich quick’ and many juries are going along with it.

As stated before, nothing seems to be
happening on the surface in the area of ethics and justice but much is occurring
in the mind-set of the general population. The injustices of justice, as
practiced today, are only starting to boil to the surface in public outrage.
Mention in any social gathering, some of the outrages, light sentences for
outrages crimes. The basic goodness of Man surfaces in the looks and comments of
disgust. There is a sea-change happening. The judges and politicians don’t quite
‘get it’ yet, but they will.

I don’t expect things to change within
the next few years. The outragious unjust sentences and the ‘special’ treatment
afforded to people of influence is having an accumulative effect on the
populace. I expect more vigilanty justice type incidents happening for a few
more years while the citizens organize and demand changes. Most of us will grin
and bear it for a while longer.

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