Health Issues -Near Future -Written Dec.12.1999

Health Issues – Near

Unfortunately, as you read the various
topics on this site, two things may become apparent to you. One is that things
in general are taking a down-turn for the worst before they will
improve, and secondly, how everything seems, and is, intimately connected and
inter-related to each other. Like so with health issues, except that it is a
double edged sword.

As the medical scientists are making
spectacular breakthroughs around the world, so too are unprecedented threats to
all Mankind coming onto the horizon. Economies effect the health of the
citizens. Poorer economies fair worse in the prevention and spread of disease.
Rapid world travel bring along all types of germs and viruses introducing them
to human, animal and plant life which aren’t biologically prepared to handle the
new threats. But of course, you know that and isn’t something you want to rehash
on this page, but I wanted to set the stage for what’s to follow

Within the ‘Social Issues’ section, I’ve
covered AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. That was before I added
the Health Issues topic. I’ve mentioned the spread of a very contagious deadly
diseases in other sections, but this page will be more about some medical
breakthroughs coming and what they may mean to the world’s populace.
Unfortunately, the entire world won’t be sharing in the benefits of these modern
‘miracles’ for quite some time (see Far & Distant Future -Health Issues when
available) mainly due to the economies of poorer nations.

We are going to see some breath-taking
breakthroughs in medical science within the next few years. One will be the use
of super-computers to design and create replacement bones in the human body.
Every bone in the human body! Whether the bones, including vertebrae, are
missing, deformed or unfunctional, these super-computers will be able to
accurately estimate the correct proportions, weight and fit so that other
manufacturing computers will be able to create the parts to order using
synthetic materials already under development. NASA Research will get some of
the credit for the material used. I have a feeling that it is already available,
yet not mass produced. Super strong, body part friendly I believe. DNA mapping
will play some large part. Something about making the material acceptable to the
chemistry of the body. The ramifications of having millions of our disabled
citizens whole again I need not go into here. I’ll leave it to your imagination.
Arthritis, although not entirely cured, will be like having a door wear out on
your car, so you go in for a replacement. New fits and replacements of bones
will be easily accomplished as the bones wear out or the body changes in size.
Some people will actually walk again although nerve repair science will lag
behind a bit.

AIDS will not be cured but prevention in
the form of accepted social cautions and a so-so vaccine will make it’s way into
use. The super-strains of disease like TB will continue to take their toll in
human lives, but governments will soon step in with strict disease contagion\
containment policies. Quarantine and firm restrictions on travel of diseased
individuals will be enforced within two years, especially as the death tolls
rise, despite the civil libertarians protests. The public will be appreciative
of the firm measures imposed by almost all governments.

Unfortunately, I don’t see cancer being
all together cured within the next few years. There will be some great
inhibitors introduced soon which almost make the disease completely dormat
indefinitely. People will still require testing and the removal of
over-generating cell growth but the new medications will arrest the further
growth remarkably. There will be some problems as the new drugs can mess up
normal cell replacement, so a person would have to go off them for a spell.
Again the cancer can multiply in these periods. A fine line of cancer prevention
and over-inhibiting of normal cell growth will have to be walked, but it still
is an outstanding improvement. This will happen within two years as

On the one side of health issues, we have
great progress in medical science, yet on the other, we have some man-made
horror stories in the field about to be made public. Secret testing of vaccines,
genetically engineered foods and bio-chemical weapons in Third World countries
done by multi-national pharma-chem corporations, some secretly funded by our
‘modern’ governments. Psychology will come into more disrepute as the effects of
their psycho-topic drugs like Prozac and Retilin become more apparent in the
young generation raised in mental chemical soups. Especially when documented
links can be demonstrated between their drugs and the anti-social and violent
behaviour in the youth now becoming adults.

Unfortunately, we won’t see the Nazi-like
practices of the pharma-chem corporations and the psychiatric profession purged
from our societies begin for around two more years. The public are waking up.
The governments have financed the drug manufacturers and ‘modern’ mental
sciences in some stupid hope of controlling their populace. We will simply
change the governments. Many skeletons have yet to be exposed.

Many evil men will die in shame with
blood on their hands.

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