Heath Issues- Far Future -Written Dec.31.2001

Health Issues – Far

There will NEVER be a cure for AIDS. When
you look at how the virus re-models the DNA, you’ll see that nothing can make it
right again. A pill or injection won’t do the trick. Prevention and maintenance
are all we will be able to do. The so-so vaccine has come and gone ( the strains
are mutating into a stronger damaging virus ). The spread of AIDS now is mostly
due to irresponsiblity for self ( unprotective sex ) and an evil intention to
harm others ( to have others contract what you have and ‘share’ the misery ).
It’s murder.

I think governments and world scientific
communities know that there will be no cures for AIDS or Cancer but the benefits
in science research under the guise of ‘finding a cure’ are becoming very
fruitful. The Human DNA Project is one, along with drug development which seeks
to alter or attack ‘bad’ genes. Dangerous stuff that is.

The people who created AIDS and the
others who distributed the original virus are mostly dead now. Suicides or
accidents mostly. Now those who know the true nature of AIDS, of how it allows
lesser diseases an opportunity to grow and gain strength, like super-strain TB,
are getting frantic lest the entirety of Mankind become extinct!

The actual source of arthritis and cancer
and other diseases will be known within a few years and cures can be had IF they
haven’t progressed too far. Future AIDS prevention and maintenance programs
tells me that AIDS will be similar to other diseases that have come and gone off
the world’s stage without ever having being cured. The ill are eventually
quarantined or at least prevented from spreading it, and the disease dies off
along with it’s victims. This will take about 80 years and wipe out 25% of
Earth’s population, a few directly but mostly indirectly because the ill will
not reproduce.

Of course, a major issue which is already
on the front burner is the aging population and the raising health care costs.
Hey, the solution is what it is! Keep on paying and caring until they pass on!
And that’s how it will work out too.

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