The Environment -Far Future -Written Dec.27.2001

The Environment – Far

I can see a spacecraft ever so carefully
suspended so as not to come within the 200 mile radius no-fly zone around the
planet Earth. Filled with university students in a class on Mother Earth
Studies, who’ve come from a far off galaxy. Except by that time, it is indeed
respectfully called ‘Mother Earth’.

Young faces press against the space
screen to catch their first real live view of the fabled green and brown, but
mostly blue planet with it’s swirls of white clouds, wrapping it here and there
as if in a loving embrace. The professor explains that at first the natives
battled for land and the control of the people on those lands. Next, they
battled for a very dirty energy source called oil, which actually formed
naturally under the soil, although there was a gross misconception that it was
formed from decayed plant and animal life. The students giggled.

The professor went onto explain that just
when their primitive civilizations were about to embrace new energy technologies
like solar, wind, underground thermal and harnessing electro-magnetic waves, Man
began battling one another over religious differences! Most all acknowledged the
existence of a Supreme Being by various names, but it was the messengers or
numerous paths to enlightenment which came into dispute.

“Why do I highlight the war-like nature
of the ancient natives of Mother Earth?” the professor asked. “Because after oil
and religion,” the professor went on to answer his own question, “water was the
main reason for many long years of land disputes and both physical and economic

“Professor, weren’t a vast percentile of
the composite of bio-life forms on Mother Earth made out of H2O?” a well-read
student asked. “Exactly!”, answered the professor and went onto explain how Man
would ‘get rid’ of their human and industrial waste in water-ways in the futile
hope that it would disperse somewhere, anywhere, but in their own backyards.
Except that most of the pollutants simply accumulated. Clean drinking water
became scarce, invaluable to sustain life and land was only valuable if it had a
clean fresh water source. Water that could be sold and taxed.

As water becomes rightly more valuable
than oil, technologies will be developed to assist nature in cleaning up the
rivers, lakes and ocean sediment bottoms and shorelines. As advances are made in
efficient space travel, almost porportionately, advances will be implemented in
planetary clean-up activities. It has been reported by today’s astronauts that
after viewing Mother Earth across vast regions of space, one’s attitude changes
markedly. Earth’s importance in sustaining our lives, and the true biological
miracle that it is, becomes apparent.

Presently our governments are getting a
clue of their countries last, most valuable resource. Audits are being quietly
done on volumes available of fresh drinkable water, estimates of what it would
take to clean-up the most salvageable pools (pun intended) and policy on sales
and export restrictions are being put into place. The economic and physical
battle lines are being drawn so to speak.

As other planetary environs are being
explored in the ‘Great Space Age’, mineral and chemical elements will become
available in abundance for use by Mankind. Mother Earth will then be deemed a
sanctuary, to be protected and preserved for all time. No manufacturing will
occur here except small arts crafts utilizing the tiniest of resources to be
sold throughout the ‘civilized’ galaxies.

Mother Earth preserved and protected so
much so, that only native Earthlings and limited visitors can live

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