The Environment -Near Future – Written Nov.3.1999

The Environment – Near

There will be a few nuclear plant
meltdowns which release deadly radiation into the surrounding areas. I predict
twelve nuclear plants will leak radiation. Six of them will be in Russia, three
in France, and one small leak in the USA. Two others in Japan. Although the
initial death toll will be very low from these incidents, many people will be
exposed and become very sick for many years to come. The actual numbers may
never be known or made public. The public will demand all nuclear
plants be shut down that aren’t fully protected and safe. All governments will
concede quickly. Quite a few of the almost five hundred nuclear plants in the
world will never be started up again mostly due to the cost and lack of
investment and public confidence.

As a result of the radiation leaks,
deadly clouds will form which have to be monitored by a world agency as to their
direction and RAD levels. Two clouds, each covering a few hundred square miles,
will have an adverse effect on the countries and those societies commerce as
they move with the wind currents. People will be warned beforehand, not unlike a
storm forecast, to stay inside, rinse their food and wash their clothes often
until the cloud has moved on. A technology not widely known to help cleanse the
body of high radiation doses will become a standard medical practice strictly
out of necessity (do or die prematurely).

The worlds livestock population will
deminish rapidly. This will be good for the environment because the ozone
depletion caused by cattle flatulence and livestock’s feed demands will go down
considerably but horrible for the industry economically. Humans will have to
substitute vegetarian diets in place of meat. The affluent will be the only ones
who will be able to afford meat. As a result, people will actually become more
healthy in their eating habits and shed unhealthy excess weight.

A lot of factories (actually millions
world-wide) are going to be closed due to economic problems. Pollutants from
chemical producing plants will drop considerably but there are going to be
numerous accidental releases through spills and explosions throughout
the world, including the West. Governments will order the abandoned
factories sealed. The spills onto the soil, into the water-ways and into the air
will later become very apparent. I see entire neighborhoods closed off and
abandoned forever in almost every major city in the world. The poor will move in
and squat in some buildings. Government officers will forcibly remove the
squatters but they will return as soon as they are released. Most governments
give up trying to remove the people after a while and justify it as the
squatter’s own choice. The public agrees.

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