The Middle East -Far Future -Written March.4.2002

The Middle East – Far

Today is March.4.02. I could have left
Part 1 of this topic play out before adding this, but I feel obligated to
complete this Project.

So Jihad has been declared
against the ‘modern’ world but only publicly by lesser players. The
stupid terrorists don’t even know whom they’re waging war on behalf of, and
believe me, it’s not Allah!

So the West will continue to smash the
Middle East. All the while communicating, “Do you see what we do to those who
attack us?!!” to the true sources of the troubles, China, Russia and Saudi
Arabia. “Either you’re with us or against us.” Russia has already ‘officially’
come on board but their gangsters/drug cartels/arms dealers aren’t going to give
up lucrative trading with terrorists so easily. They will be ‘taken

Revenge may be one of the debased
qualities of human nature, but one can afford to love thy enemy only after they
are rendered harmless. The Middle East is in for a very long ride

The long-term actions against the Middle
East, aside from hunting down terrorists, involves crushing their commerce.
Alternative oil sources are frantically being sought and new trade deals around
the world, cutting out the Middle East, are presently being inked. It’s akin to
taking out a hornets nest. Take away their ability to survive on honey ( oil
& opium ), all the while smoking out and killing the one’s hopefully before
they begin to attack.

Again as stated in Part 1, the sane and
educated in the Middle East will flee if they can and the region will slip back
into the Dark Ages. The introduction of new fuel and energy technologies,
presently being suppressed from use by vested interests, will make it even
harder for the Middle East to return to the ‘civil’ global

Only after the Middle Eastern countries
Muslim evolution and governmental and\or people’s revolution to democracy, will
they be allowed to join in world commerce and prosperity. It will take up to 20
years for some countries. The United States of America can hold a grudge for a
very long time!

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