The United Kingdom – Near Future – Written Nov.18.1999

The United Kingdom – Near

The United Kingdom will become an
economic basket case very soon requiring great amounts of financial and military
aid especially from the United States. There are going to be grave threats to
the survival of the British people from an enemy State. Terrorist bombings of
large numbers of innocent citizens and the poisoning of the fresh water supply
will result in huge numbers of casualities. This will actually be an
‘undeclared’ war against the British people and in a twisted round about way,
the West. I think it may originate from the Middle East but European countries
close to England will act as terrorist bases. England will be an easier target
for the terrorists since America will have tightened up internal security and
air travel and is a greater distance away.

I see President Bush issuing a firm
statement which says that the United States will take every step necessary to
stop the attacks on England and will seriously consider using nuclear weapons
against any foreign power deemed to be behind the secret war, especially if it
doesn’t stop immediately. He will say that the US will send nuclear missles down
on the capital city of any nation that is unofficially at war with England
if we find proof that it is a government action. The propaganda
rhetoric soliciting support from the American public will be that the British
gave us our principles of modern civilized government and are one of our closest
allies. The polls will show overwhelming support. Bush, Congress and America
will be firmly resolved to retaliate.

Three military generals will be called
home by their country and immediately executed without trial. The offending
country’s leader with his government will say it was a rogue military group who
planned and ordered the sabotage and terrorist acts without the consent of their
official government. They will profusely apologize and promise restitution.
Trade sanctions and fines in the billions will be brought against the offending
country anyway. We will all know that it was indeed an undeclared war secretly
ordered by that government.

Also during the terrorist attacks, a
computer virus will destroy numerous British government computer databases. It
will be thought to be part of the infra-structure sabotage by the enemy but will
actually turn out to be a hacker who formally worked on government computers.
The fellow, who’s name is Smith, will say he had built in the virus long before
the terrorist acts started and wasn’t actually any member of any organized
terrorist groups (although he belonged to a secret hacker club). He will recieve
a British court life sentence (20 years) which will set a precedent for future
cases which deem computer hacking and the creation of vicious viruses a
terrorist act

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