USA – Far Future – Written Jan.10.2002

USA – Far Future

President Bush Jr. will win re-election
in a landslide victory. VP Cheney will not run again. Senator Hillary Clinton
will run for President but lose.

The Democrates will take a slight
majority both in the House and Senate. Although the reasons for their success
will be complex and numerous, the two main ones will be the collapse of the
bubble stock market ( blamed on BIG business which is perceived to be tied to
the Republicans ) and the poor or recently poor looking to safeguard their
social safety net. The threatened working class and unemployed do not trust the
Republicans to do right by them in times of hardship, especially after failed
economic stimulus packages are deemed only to benefit those who ‘have’ already.
Congress will go into gridlock worst then in the Clinton years. The Democrates
will be ruthless in their thwart of Bush’s presidential power. By then, the
public will regret giving the Dems such a big stick.

G.W will only complete around two years of his second term. The United States currency will retain
it’s strength on generally unstable international markets. Despite our crippled
economy, holding US dollars or US government bonds will be seen as one of the
safest assets.

Countries will align themselves into
protective fortresses of economic and military power blocks. The USA will hold
the position of ‘Big Brother Enforcer’ against uncivilized, oppressive enemy
States of democracy. To come under the protection of the anti-ballistic shield
and USA military forces, only Human Rights honoring, democratic countries need
apply or be granted membership.

I see some great internal moral struggles
happening within the culture of the United States. As the terrorist attacks and
frequency subside, the Leftist media will raise doubts within the populace about
the lose of civil liberties, the techniques employed to root out and destroy
terrorist cells and our foreign involvement in the governing of sovereign
countries. Should we continue to push for democracy, at what cost, around the
globe? The vision will become muddled, but sustained all the same.

The world is moving fast. The United
States and it’s civilized Allies will play pivotal roles in the worlds struggle
for economic and political freedom. A very appreciated role. Despite successes,
the attacks, from within our own quarters, from the academic and media elite
will simply show their true colors. Political and idealogical leanings, the
general public will not agree with. Public outrage of anti-American\ anti-West
ideology taught at our educational institutions will start a wave of reform.
Parents armed with school vouchers will be the weapon. The media elites will be
punished by falling revenues, lose of opinion leader status, and the worst fate,

I won’t go into The Unemployable Riots
caused by the displacement of low-tech workers and the illiteracy and drug
problems here for they’re covered in other topics. I will only say that the USA
will be one of the first countries in history after Canada and the UK, to
guarantee a Basic Living Income regardless of the individual’s production in
around ten years as our civilization moves rapidly into the advanced tech\ space
travel and exploration stage. It’ll be a situation where either we do that or
face cities being burned to the ground. “When you ain’t got nutin’, ya ain’t got
nutin’ to lose.” The USA will finance the Space Exploration\Exploitation Age.
Japan will build the electronics and Russia will provide the raw materials. Both
Russia and the USA will have the space launch infra-structure.

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