USA – Near Future – Written Nov.11.1999

United States of America – Near Future Political and corporate crimes exposed will make the last few years and the next, the Era of Corruption in the history lessons taught to future generations.

Long duration hardships brought on by war disruptions and the subsequent betrayal of trust by the people by corporate America and the political leadership that had lied about the true situation in the preceding years, will bring on a great change in public attitude. ‘Business as usual’ will be business as usual abet slow.

People will lose fortunes on the crashed stock markets and bank runs. Unemployment will soar to 30%.The public will be demanding answers. Answers they won’t recieve from the ‘official’ sources they used to rely upon, mainly BIG media, corporate Head Offices or the winners of seats in the Congress or Senate. Riots will happen in various large cities in the southern States at various times but the northern riots won’t start until the weather warms up. Everything will be swept under the carpet. It has to be to maintain an apparency of ‘normal’.

The elections will be delayed by two months while America works out it’s election problems. George Bush will be the next President of the United States of America. Alan Keyes will be named Vice President eventually. Corporate America will rejoice (at least those still employed). Independents or Reform candidates will hold a third party status holding almost 1/3 the seats in both the Congress and the Senate. Republicans will hold a slight majority in both Houses. The public will want to know how war could have happened and why wasn’t something done about it earlier. There will be a lot of blame, shame and regrets going around, and generally, people in authority trying to cover their assets and so the public will turn ever more anarchist. The standard mantra will be, “Well, we had our problems but just look how bad it is elsewhere!” Many Directors of businesses will be voted out and sued by their shareholders.

The USA will become overly protectionist in it’s trade practices and slightly isolationist in that it maintains strong membership in a power alliance which includes mostly Commonwealth countries and democracies only. Territorial wars in the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans will not get financial or military support from the USA. We will supply weapons at a cost, of course. Probably secretly finance our favourite war horses as well but the public won’t know for many years to come. A modern day witch-hunt via the internet will begin. Except this one will expose crime and corruption under every leaf yet the mainstream media will ignore the findings as usual.

A great number of people will read documents on the internet about crimes against humanity like where AIDS came from and who financed it. The purposeful spread of man-made diseases like cancer through food products and immunization shots. Who and how international corporations have been financing genocide to thwart population growth. Once President Clinton has been stripped of power, a great number of books will be released written by people very close to the events. The facts revealed will start phony investigations by the Congress and Senate. The public will be swamped with long, boring testimony in legalize and a great unrest will swipe the land. The investigations will get so complex, they’ll go way past this ‘Near Future’ time frame.

Bush will grant an amnesty to Clinton but many of his henchmen will go to jail. A pro-Clinton murder squad implementing 8 men will be exposed but only 5 are prosecuted. As many as fourteen people, who are deemed to be involved, will die under mysterious circumstances thoughout the investigations.

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