War – Far Future – Written Nov.03.2002

War – Far Future

Tired of war yet? If not, Part 1 of this
topic hasn’t played out to the end. There isn’t much I want to add here about
the ‘cultural’ war between the modern countries and the barbaric Middle East.
That and the successful Chinese agressions will eventually run their course. It
will be a harsh indication of our racism that we won’t mourn the destruction of
Pakistan for long. Oh, we’ll hold the token memorials but you can expect the
indictment promoted that Pakistan put the Taliban in place and incited terrorism
world-wide. We’ll try not to think of the innocents.

The next stage for wars will be along the
lines of economics, as opposed to religious, political or race. Economics and
water! ( see Environment – Far Future ).

Territorial grabs for clean water, both
for drinking and agriculture, are going to get very ugly. It’s a war of ‘take no
prisoners’ for the aggressors DO NOT want any survivors to make land claims
before world bodies at some later date. Of course, these shall be relatively
small scale wars which won’t get more than lip service from the major powers.
The UN will be almost powerless to Right the wrongs.

Empty food stores, bank accounts and
especially, empty stomachs brings out the best and worst in people and desperate
ideas from politicians. When their military defensive assets takes on the
appearance of viable ‘offensive’ assets ( especially when the nations assets are
devalued ), we’ll see countries looking next door for resources with which to
save the day. That’s China, the Balkans and parts of Africa at a future glance.
We’ll be taken back by the cruel aggression of the attackers and the defenders.
Most actions will attempt to be swift and decisive but some will drag on for a
year or more.

Far into the future, I see us making
allies with other world civilizations. As an aside, our current day racism
against human skin color and slight differences of feature will be later seen as
insane folly. Other world races look slightly human in form only, while their
chemical body components are all over The Elements Table!

We’ll be involved in space opera wars. I
think we will be enticed into joining a battle already in progress against
another race. Three Earth Statesmen will be seduced by promises of rapid
technological advances offered by our new ally. Exaggerations of the percieved
new enemy’s ruthlessness and veiled threats of repercussions if we don’t join in
the battle for Space Sector Freedom and Commerce, will all play a part in our
collective decision to participate. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know all
the implications. All that we’ll know about our ‘enemy’ will come from our
censoring ally. Our doubts of this being a just war will grow.

This will be a very demoralizing and
frustrating period for us. While we at home will question the lose of spacecraft
and personnel in a space war not of our creation, we’ll be hearing of the
wonderous technology our ally holds, the fruits of which are spoon fed to planet
Earth under the guise of ‘not too much technology too soon’. It shall be
eventually evident to us that we are indeed under the control and whims of a
true super power.

The war eventually ends in a truce and
co-operation of territorial exploration\exploitation between the two major
powers. Part of the deal to join in the space conflict in the first place will
be a promise of endorsement, by our super power ally, planet Earth into a larger
Confederacy of Planets. The Confederacy actually holds the power of gradiently
introducing technologies to lesser civilized worlds. That planetary Council was
actually the ones who authorized our ally to indoctrinate us to new technology
at a beforehand agreed upon rate. We will be bitter for the deception but
grateful for the advances of our civilization. We were\will be cannon fodder. We
swear never again.

The energy wave weapons technology I
mention in the topic: Technology – Far Future, will have it’s day on Earth. The
technology is so devastating and cruel and the damage to humans so permanent in
some cases, the tech will be shelved. It is the technology used in the space
battles but targets are hardened and it all seems so much more sterile when used
in space. ( Certainly sounds like how we percieve our ‘smart’ bombs today,
doesn’t it?)

The last final conflict in the age old
battle between Good and Evil will be the Meat Bodies against the Spiritual
Beings. Homo sapiens who are unwilling, due to their evil desposition, or
unable, due to their mental condition, to advance to the higher Homo Novice
spiritual State. You know they’ll declare war against those who’ve gotten out of
this trap…..those who’ve achieved a state of fully functioning, completely
free Spiritual Beings. The evil forces will use electro-wave weapons, the only
way to harm a free exterior-of-body Being and so as to try to pin him back into
his body. The Meat Bodies will eventually lose. This particular terrorist war
will take even a longer time to be resolved. Not that the Free Beings cannot
dispatch the evil Meat Bodies quite easily, only that we allow them the game.
Keeps them from killing each other in petty quarrels, and besides, it serves no
purpose to wipe them out.

While you read the above paragraph, which
side did you see yourself on? If you visioned yourself as a possibly free Being
released from this Hell on Earth, you know the predictions true. I’ll see you on
the other side.

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