Wars – Near Future – Written Nov.17.1999

Wars – Near Future

This is the hardest section for me to
write for I think of all the innocent people that are going to suffer or die in
the upcoming wars. Mainly, the children that will have their unconditional love
and young lives snuffed out without the power to change what will be happening
around them. Adults can raise a voice to their leaders, vote or revolt or flee
with their families to safer havens. Children have no such options. And for
them, my heart will break.

As I’ve mentioned in other sections,
countries will form protectionist power alliances not only along economic lines
but militarily as well. When the full effect of war disruptions become apparent
and aggressor countries realize that their enemies and NATO are all crippled
with military infra-structure demands, they will seize on the opportunity to
settle old scores or gain some ground and control. Picture the Los Angeles riots
when the populace knew that the police weren’t going to show up and they
realized they had a window of opportunity to get what they wanted. That’s a snap
shot of the world within the next few years.

This planet is filled with madmen in
power who harbour religious hatreds, territorial and material envy or are just
completely mad for more power and control. Players who seek out weaknesses in
their opponents to exploit and gain advantage. What’s troubling to me is that
they can incite others to do their dirty work. They can persuade their people to
commit the most heinous of crimes against their fellow man in the name of some
manufactured sacrosanct cause. And people will go along with it because it’s the
‘new’ reality and even feel quite self-rightous about the bloodshed! In other
words, mass insanity. The people imbrace the insanity of their leaders and the
general agreement makes it right.

Hitler did it in Germany. Stalin in
Russia. Mao in China. Hussan in Irag and lately the Kwanda massacre where one
half of the population rose up at the urging of their leaders to kill the other
half. Except for the Hutu’s, those cultures above were educated and ‘modern’ for
their day.

China will start to become a worrisome
aggressor in the new year. They will mobilize their million-plus man army to
take over disputed territiories and neighboring Asian countries ( read China
-Near Future). I expect them to claim the disputed islands and create power
alliances with all other Asian countries except Japan. The Chinese hate the
Japanese ever since the occupation of World War II. Russia and the Balkans will
go insane with war. There will be so many battles between so many tribes that
the US, the UN and NATO will simply wait till the dust settles. The United
States, although the lead country in NATO, will withdraw from involvement in
conflicts that cannot be clearly demonstrated to impact the US.

Now the most difficult prediction for me
to write. The Middle East will explode into massive warfare much like the
Balkans, except that it will indeed, explode. I see India and Pakistan
escalating their age-old hatred into first a war using conventional battlefield
arms in April. There will be a communications screw-up between the Indian
political leaders and the military leaders resulting in India launching their
nuclear missles against Pakistan in October.2002. At least, that will be the
official explanation to the world for their action. Most of Pakistan’s
population will be wiped out and what little is left will be in very sorry
shape. The international community will run to their aid once the rads go down
with India being very apologitic and the most generous. East Indians will be the
most hated in the world in every country not unlike the German’s were after the
Second World War. Many will be attacked on the streets in many

I predict Jihad being generally accepted
within the Muslim population in the Middle East that’s set off by massive deaths
and suffering brought on by war. The West will be blamed for destroying their
water and oil pipelines and wells. There will be many tribal wars there, much
like the Balkans, with conflicts between Western thought, old religious\
political values and the Royal family members. NATO will try to stay involved
due to the oil fields there but the leadership of Mid-East countries will change
very rapidly. Some weekly!

Along with North America, the African
continent will be one of the only large areas in the world where wars won’t
be happening. The toll of AIDS will thwart many wars from going very large
scale there. Too many people sick, dying and dead to fight. Those healthy are
afraid to travel far from home anyway. The world will be asked to adopt the
children as the grandparents are dying (they’re taking care of the orphans now)
and many households will be run by young teens. The world will abandon Africa
for a while but we’ll all be in for an amazing surprize in about three

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