Women’s Issues -Far Future – Written Dec.28.2001

Women’s Issues – Far

Well, well. Kudos to the United Nations
and their funding bodies for at last spearheading Women Human Rights Issues
around the world. Unfortunately, the early stages of the Program is prone for

First off, the qualifications for
applicants the UN are seeking to fill the roles for implementing the programs
for women’s equality and Rights, in mostly 3rd world and Soviet Block countries,
are academics who teach Women’s Studies and\or proven Women’s Rights advocates.
A Western leftist style formula which will not work in old Europe ‘Man is boss’
cultures or religious Mid-East ‘Woman are sub-servant to man’

Granted, modern countries have embraced
the Rights and equal status of women although the older generation still holds
it’s bias. I believe most people under 30 years old at this time in modern
countries view all male and females as having the same Rights and opportunities
based on merit and education.

If the UN Women’s Rights Program solely
takes on Western style Women’s Rights advocates as it exists in our universities
BUT not incorporate at least a few of those ‘good ol’ boys’ in government or
religious leaders to come on board in the target countries, the Program is going
to take a very long time.

Consider it has taken nearly three
generations to get where the West is now on Women’s equality and Rights. The
European countries may take as many as four generations since they aren’t as
educated. As for the Middle East and parts of Asia, it may take even longer. Sad
but true.

The intentions, purpose and goals of the
UN program are stellar. The means with which they intend to carry it out are
flawed. Of course, I see women in those countries organizing into groups, which
is all fine and needed, but if the women paint themselves as victims and fudge
statistics, like women’s groups do here in the West, yet not empowered, I’m
afraid they’ll be in for some heavy oppression by the powers that be.

Rather than having to use economic
sanctions as a BIG stick to allow their women Rights in countries that continue
to oppress them, far better to work from within by bringing strong respected
women and men on side.

I predict, of course, eventually ALL
women will have Human Rights to education and opportunity on this planet. Only
it will take a very long time in some places. You need only look and listen to
who the UN sends or solicits for help within any one particular country you’re
interested in, to make a judgement of the future success of their

Child labour and child prostitution are
going to be the next great Human Rights battles. I’m let you in on how difficult
those ugly issues are to tackle. The only reason that those perverse industries
thrive in various countries like Thailand is because the sick corruption goes
right to the top of the heads of State in those places. In other words, those
leaders are either collecting money from it or having sex with those children or
both! Get vocal.

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