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Women’s Issues – Near Future – Written Nov.04.1999

Women’s Issues – Near

Women in the West will continue to make
historical strides in ‘leveling the playing field’ as it relates to career
opportunities and equality with men. Although there will be the issue of men not
having the same options as women, whether to stay home and raise children or
compete in the work force, the choice of the individual woman’s goals shall be
more and more respected in society. Generally, the home maker will regain much
lost status as one of an important contributor to the well-being of their
children and thus society. I expect government funding cuts to women’s
organizations very soon, almost in direct proportion to the percentage of female
graduates (presently at 40%) of college and universities.

The issue of female physical abuse in the
West will gain more social prominence and make historical inroads in changing
male attitudes to general acceptance in the community that such behaviour is
very wrong and illegal. Although, abuse of women won’t ever be entirely
elliminated, statistics will drop dramatically within the next few years. One
reason will be harsher penalties and mandatory sentencing for offenders (due in
part to women’s increasing power and education).

One behind the scenes cultural change is
beginning to happen in Asia, the Middle East and developing countries as regards
to women and their place and status in those societies. It originates from the
viewpoint that ‘all things modern and right’ comes from the West. Women outside
of the ‘modern’ countries are beginning to embrace concepts of personal freedom
and eguality with men. Although there has been a censorship of sorts so that
Western thought and ideals don’t ‘corrupt’ their social fabric, women are
reading the magazines, watching the movies and more are getting educated in
‘modern’ universities. This change won’t gather headway or surface for quite a
few years yet, but it is happening.

I expect women of influence on the
international stage to bring pressure to bear on the world bodies, like the UN,
within a few short years, to force countries to abandon ancient religious
practices which suppress and harm women like female genitalia mutilation and
pre-arranged marriages. It will be a very powerful lobby which wins the approval
of all civilized societies, but will create a long-standing conflict between
cultures. (see ‘Religion section’ for more)

Women’s Issues -Far Future – Written Dec.28.2001

Women’s Issues – Far

Well, well. Kudos to the United Nations
and their funding bodies for at last spearheading Women Human Rights Issues
around the world. Unfortunately, the early stages of the Program is prone for

First off, the qualifications for
applicants the UN are seeking to fill the roles for implementing the programs
for women’s equality and Rights, in mostly 3rd world and Soviet Block countries,
are academics who teach Women’s Studies and\or proven Women’s Rights advocates.
A Western leftist style formula which will not work in old Europe ‘Man is boss’
cultures or religious Mid-East ‘Woman are sub-servant to man’

Granted, modern countries have embraced
the Rights and equal status of women although the older generation still holds
it’s bias. I believe most people under 30 years old at this time in modern
countries view all male and females as having the same Rights and opportunities
based on merit and education.

If the UN Women’s Rights Program solely
takes on Western style Women’s Rights advocates as it exists in our universities
BUT not incorporate at least a few of those ‘good ol’ boys’ in government or
religious leaders to come on board in the target countries, the Program is going
to take a very long time.

Consider it has taken nearly three
generations to get where the West is now on Women’s equality and Rights. The
European countries may take as many as four generations since they aren’t as
educated. As for the Middle East and parts of Asia, it may take even longer. Sad
but true.

The intentions, purpose and goals of the
UN program are stellar. The means with which they intend to carry it out are
flawed. Of course, I see women in those countries organizing into groups, which
is all fine and needed, but if the women paint themselves as victims and fudge
statistics, like women’s groups do here in the West, yet not empowered, I’m
afraid they’ll be in for some heavy oppression by the powers that be.

Rather than having to use economic
sanctions as a BIG stick to allow their women Rights in countries that continue
to oppress them, far better to work from within by bringing strong respected
women and men on side.

I predict, of course, eventually ALL
women will have Human Rights to education and opportunity on this planet. Only
it will take a very long time in some places. You need only look and listen to
who the UN sends or solicits for help within any one particular country you’re
interested in, to make a judgement of the future success of their

Child labour and child prostitution are
going to be the next great Human Rights battles. I’m let you in on how difficult
those ugly issues are to tackle. The only reason that those perverse industries
thrive in various countries like Thailand is because the sick corruption goes
right to the top of the heads of State in those places. In other words, those
leaders are either collecting money from it or having sex with those children or
both! Get vocal.

Wars – Near Future – Written Nov.17.1999

Wars – Near Future

This is the hardest section for me to
write for I think of all the innocent people that are going to suffer or die in
the upcoming wars. Mainly, the children that will have their unconditional love
and young lives snuffed out without the power to change what will be happening
around them. Adults can raise a voice to their leaders, vote or revolt or flee
with their families to safer havens. Children have no such options. And for
them, my heart will break.

As I’ve mentioned in other sections,
countries will form protectionist power alliances not only along economic lines
but militarily as well. When the full effect of war disruptions become apparent
and aggressor countries realize that their enemies and NATO are all crippled
with military infra-structure demands, they will seize on the opportunity to
settle old scores or gain some ground and control. Picture the Los Angeles riots
when the populace knew that the police weren’t going to show up and they
realized they had a window of opportunity to get what they wanted. That’s a snap
shot of the world within the next few years.

This planet is filled with madmen in
power who harbour religious hatreds, territorial and material envy or are just
completely mad for more power and control. Players who seek out weaknesses in
their opponents to exploit and gain advantage. What’s troubling to me is that
they can incite others to do their dirty work. They can persuade their people to
commit the most heinous of crimes against their fellow man in the name of some
manufactured sacrosanct cause. And people will go along with it because it’s the
‘new’ reality and even feel quite self-rightous about the bloodshed! In other
words, mass insanity. The people imbrace the insanity of their leaders and the
general agreement makes it right.

Hitler did it in Germany. Stalin in
Russia. Mao in China. Hussan in Irag and lately the Kwanda massacre where one
half of the population rose up at the urging of their leaders to kill the other
half. Except for the Hutu’s, those cultures above were educated and ‘modern’ for
their day.

China will start to become a worrisome
aggressor in the new year. They will mobilize their million-plus man army to
take over disputed territiories and neighboring Asian countries ( read China
-Near Future). I expect them to claim the disputed islands and create power
alliances with all other Asian countries except Japan. The Chinese hate the
Japanese ever since the occupation of World War II. Russia and the Balkans will
go insane with war. There will be so many battles between so many tribes that
the US, the UN and NATO will simply wait till the dust settles. The United
States, although the lead country in NATO, will withdraw from involvement in
conflicts that cannot be clearly demonstrated to impact the US.

Now the most difficult prediction for me
to write. The Middle East will explode into massive warfare much like the
Balkans, except that it will indeed, explode. I see India and Pakistan
escalating their age-old hatred into first a war using conventional battlefield
arms in April. There will be a communications screw-up between the Indian
political leaders and the military leaders resulting in India launching their
nuclear missles against Pakistan in October.2002. At least, that will be the
official explanation to the world for their action. Most of Pakistan’s
population will be wiped out and what little is left will be in very sorry
shape. The international community will run to their aid once the rads go down
with India being very apologitic and the most generous. East Indians will be the
most hated in the world in every country not unlike the German’s were after the
Second World War. Many will be attacked on the streets in many

I predict Jihad being generally accepted
within the Muslim population in the Middle East that’s set off by massive deaths
and suffering brought on by war. The West will be blamed for destroying their
water and oil pipelines and wells. There will be many tribal wars there, much
like the Balkans, with conflicts between Western thought, old religious\
political values and the Royal family members. NATO will try to stay involved
due to the oil fields there but the leadership of Mid-East countries will change
very rapidly. Some weekly!

Along with North America, the African
continent will be one of the only large areas in the world where wars won’t
be happening. The toll of AIDS will thwart many wars from going very large
scale there. Too many people sick, dying and dead to fight. Those healthy are
afraid to travel far from home anyway. The world will be asked to adopt the
children as the grandparents are dying (they’re taking care of the orphans now)
and many households will be run by young teens. The world will abandon Africa
for a while but we’ll all be in for an amazing surprize in about three

War – Far Future – Written Nov.03.2002

War – Far Future

Tired of war yet? If not, Part 1 of this
topic hasn’t played out to the end. There isn’t much I want to add here about
the ‘cultural’ war between the modern countries and the barbaric Middle East.
That and the successful Chinese agressions will eventually run their course. It
will be a harsh indication of our racism that we won’t mourn the destruction of
Pakistan for long. Oh, we’ll hold the token memorials but you can expect the
indictment promoted that Pakistan put the Taliban in place and incited terrorism
world-wide. We’ll try not to think of the innocents.

The next stage for wars will be along the
lines of economics, as opposed to religious, political or race. Economics and
water! ( see Environment – Far Future ).

Territorial grabs for clean water, both
for drinking and agriculture, are going to get very ugly. It’s a war of ‘take no
prisoners’ for the aggressors DO NOT want any survivors to make land claims
before world bodies at some later date. Of course, these shall be relatively
small scale wars which won’t get more than lip service from the major powers.
The UN will be almost powerless to Right the wrongs.

Empty food stores, bank accounts and
especially, empty stomachs brings out the best and worst in people and desperate
ideas from politicians. When their military defensive assets takes on the
appearance of viable ‘offensive’ assets ( especially when the nations assets are
devalued ), we’ll see countries looking next door for resources with which to
save the day. That’s China, the Balkans and parts of Africa at a future glance.
We’ll be taken back by the cruel aggression of the attackers and the defenders.
Most actions will attempt to be swift and decisive but some will drag on for a
year or more.

Far into the future, I see us making
allies with other world civilizations. As an aside, our current day racism
against human skin color and slight differences of feature will be later seen as
insane folly. Other world races look slightly human in form only, while their
chemical body components are all over The Elements Table!

We’ll be involved in space opera wars. I
think we will be enticed into joining a battle already in progress against
another race. Three Earth Statesmen will be seduced by promises of rapid
technological advances offered by our new ally. Exaggerations of the percieved
new enemy’s ruthlessness and veiled threats of repercussions if we don’t join in
the battle for Space Sector Freedom and Commerce, will all play a part in our
collective decision to participate. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know all
the implications. All that we’ll know about our ‘enemy’ will come from our
censoring ally. Our doubts of this being a just war will grow.

This will be a very demoralizing and
frustrating period for us. While we at home will question the lose of spacecraft
and personnel in a space war not of our creation, we’ll be hearing of the
wonderous technology our ally holds, the fruits of which are spoon fed to planet
Earth under the guise of ‘not too much technology too soon’. It shall be
eventually evident to us that we are indeed under the control and whims of a
true super power.

The war eventually ends in a truce and
co-operation of territorial exploration\exploitation between the two major
powers. Part of the deal to join in the space conflict in the first place will
be a promise of endorsement, by our super power ally, planet Earth into a larger
Confederacy of Planets. The Confederacy actually holds the power of gradiently
introducing technologies to lesser civilized worlds. That planetary Council was
actually the ones who authorized our ally to indoctrinate us to new technology
at a beforehand agreed upon rate. We will be bitter for the deception but
grateful for the advances of our civilization. We were\will be cannon fodder. We
swear never again.

The energy wave weapons technology I
mention in the topic: Technology – Far Future, will have it’s day on Earth. The
technology is so devastating and cruel and the damage to humans so permanent in
some cases, the tech will be shelved. It is the technology used in the space
battles but targets are hardened and it all seems so much more sterile when used
in space. ( Certainly sounds like how we percieve our ‘smart’ bombs today,
doesn’t it?)

The last final conflict in the age old
battle between Good and Evil will be the Meat Bodies against the Spiritual
Beings. Homo sapiens who are unwilling, due to their evil desposition, or
unable, due to their mental condition, to advance to the higher Homo Novice
spiritual State. You know they’ll declare war against those who’ve gotten out of
this trap…..those who’ve achieved a state of fully functioning, completely
free Spiritual Beings. The evil forces will use electro-wave weapons, the only
way to harm a free exterior-of-body Being and so as to try to pin him back into
his body. The Meat Bodies will eventually lose. This particular terrorist war
will take even a longer time to be resolved. Not that the Free Beings cannot
dispatch the evil Meat Bodies quite easily, only that we allow them the game.
Keeps them from killing each other in petty quarrels, and besides, it serves no
purpose to wipe them out.

While you read the above paragraph, which
side did you see yourself on? If you visioned yourself as a possibly free Being
released from this Hell on Earth, you know the predictions true. I’ll see you on
the other side.

USA – Near Future – Written Nov.11.1999

United States of America – Near Future Political and corporate crimes exposed will make the last few years and the next, the Era of Corruption in the history lessons taught to future generations.

Long duration hardships brought on by war disruptions and the subsequent betrayal of trust by the people by corporate America and the political leadership that had lied about the true situation in the preceding years, will bring on a great change in public attitude. ‘Business as usual’ will be business as usual abet slow.

People will lose fortunes on the crashed stock markets and bank runs. Unemployment will soar to 30%.The public will be demanding answers. Answers they won’t recieve from the ‘official’ sources they used to rely upon, mainly BIG media, corporate Head Offices or the winners of seats in the Congress or Senate. Riots will happen in various large cities in the southern States at various times but the northern riots won’t start until the weather warms up. Everything will be swept under the carpet. It has to be to maintain an apparency of ‘normal’.

The elections will be delayed by two months while America works out it’s election problems. George Bush will be the next President of the United States of America. Alan Keyes will be named Vice President eventually. Corporate America will rejoice (at least those still employed). Independents or Reform candidates will hold a third party status holding almost 1/3 the seats in both the Congress and the Senate. Republicans will hold a slight majority in both Houses. The public will want to know how war could have happened and why wasn’t something done about it earlier. There will be a lot of blame, shame and regrets going around, and generally, people in authority trying to cover their assets and so the public will turn ever more anarchist. The standard mantra will be, “Well, we had our problems but just look how bad it is elsewhere!” Many Directors of businesses will be voted out and sued by their shareholders.

The USA will become overly protectionist in it’s trade practices and slightly isolationist in that it maintains strong membership in a power alliance which includes mostly Commonwealth countries and democracies only. Territorial wars in the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans will not get financial or military support from the USA. We will supply weapons at a cost, of course. Probably secretly finance our favourite war horses as well but the public won’t know for many years to come. A modern day witch-hunt via the internet will begin. Except this one will expose crime and corruption under every leaf yet the mainstream media will ignore the findings as usual.

A great number of people will read documents on the internet about crimes against humanity like where AIDS came from and who financed it. The purposeful spread of man-made diseases like cancer through food products and immunization shots. Who and how international corporations have been financing genocide to thwart population growth. Once President Clinton has been stripped of power, a great number of books will be released written by people very close to the events. The facts revealed will start phony investigations by the Congress and Senate. The public will be swamped with long, boring testimony in legalize and a great unrest will swipe the land. The investigations will get so complex, they’ll go way past this ‘Near Future’ time frame.

Bush will grant an amnesty to Clinton but many of his henchmen will go to jail. A pro-Clinton murder squad implementing 8 men will be exposed but only 5 are prosecuted. As many as fourteen people, who are deemed to be involved, will die under mysterious circumstances thoughout the investigations.

USA – Far Future – Written Jan.10.2002

USA – Far Future

President Bush Jr. will win re-election
in a landslide victory. VP Cheney will not run again. Senator Hillary Clinton
will run for President but lose.

The Democrates will take a slight
majority both in the House and Senate. Although the reasons for their success
will be complex and numerous, the two main ones will be the collapse of the
bubble stock market ( blamed on BIG business which is perceived to be tied to
the Republicans ) and the poor or recently poor looking to safeguard their
social safety net. The threatened working class and unemployed do not trust the
Republicans to do right by them in times of hardship, especially after failed
economic stimulus packages are deemed only to benefit those who ‘have’ already.
Congress will go into gridlock worst then in the Clinton years. The Democrates
will be ruthless in their thwart of Bush’s presidential power. By then, the
public will regret giving the Dems such a big stick.

G.W will only complete around two years of his second term. The United States currency will retain
it’s strength on generally unstable international markets. Despite our crippled
economy, holding US dollars or US government bonds will be seen as one of the
safest assets.

Countries will align themselves into
protective fortresses of economic and military power blocks. The USA will hold
the position of ‘Big Brother Enforcer’ against uncivilized, oppressive enemy
States of democracy. To come under the protection of the anti-ballistic shield
and USA military forces, only Human Rights honoring, democratic countries need
apply or be granted membership.

I see some great internal moral struggles
happening within the culture of the United States. As the terrorist attacks and
frequency subside, the Leftist media will raise doubts within the populace about
the lose of civil liberties, the techniques employed to root out and destroy
terrorist cells and our foreign involvement in the governing of sovereign
countries. Should we continue to push for democracy, at what cost, around the
globe? The vision will become muddled, but sustained all the same.

The world is moving fast. The United
States and it’s civilized Allies will play pivotal roles in the worlds struggle
for economic and political freedom. A very appreciated role. Despite successes,
the attacks, from within our own quarters, from the academic and media elite
will simply show their true colors. Political and idealogical leanings, the
general public will not agree with. Public outrage of anti-American\ anti-West
ideology taught at our educational institutions will start a wave of reform.
Parents armed with school vouchers will be the weapon. The media elites will be
punished by falling revenues, lose of opinion leader status, and the worst fate,

I won’t go into The Unemployable Riots
caused by the displacement of low-tech workers and the illiteracy and drug
problems here for they’re covered in other topics. I will only say that the USA
will be one of the first countries in history after Canada and the UK, to
guarantee a Basic Living Income regardless of the individual’s production in
around ten years as our civilization moves rapidly into the advanced tech\ space
travel and exploration stage. It’ll be a situation where either we do that or
face cities being burned to the ground. “When you ain’t got nutin’, ya ain’t got
nutin’ to lose.” The USA will finance the Space Exploration\Exploitation Age.
Japan will build the electronics and Russia will provide the raw materials. Both
Russia and the USA will have the space launch infra-structure.

The United Kingdom – Near Future – Written Nov.18.1999

The United Kingdom – Near

The United Kingdom will become an
economic basket case very soon requiring great amounts of financial and military
aid especially from the United States. There are going to be grave threats to
the survival of the British people from an enemy State. Terrorist bombings of
large numbers of innocent citizens and the poisoning of the fresh water supply
will result in huge numbers of casualities. This will actually be an
‘undeclared’ war against the British people and in a twisted round about way,
the West. I think it may originate from the Middle East but European countries
close to England will act as terrorist bases. England will be an easier target
for the terrorists since America will have tightened up internal security and
air travel and is a greater distance away.

I see President Bush issuing a firm
statement which says that the United States will take every step necessary to
stop the attacks on England and will seriously consider using nuclear weapons
against any foreign power deemed to be behind the secret war, especially if it
doesn’t stop immediately. He will say that the US will send nuclear missles down
on the capital city of any nation that is unofficially at war with England
if we find proof that it is a government action. The propaganda
rhetoric soliciting support from the American public will be that the British
gave us our principles of modern civilized government and are one of our closest
allies. The polls will show overwhelming support. Bush, Congress and America
will be firmly resolved to retaliate.

Three military generals will be called
home by their country and immediately executed without trial. The offending
country’s leader with his government will say it was a rogue military group who
planned and ordered the sabotage and terrorist acts without the consent of their
official government. They will profusely apologize and promise restitution.
Trade sanctions and fines in the billions will be brought against the offending
country anyway. We will all know that it was indeed an undeclared war secretly
ordered by that government.

Also during the terrorist attacks, a
computer virus will destroy numerous British government computer databases. It
will be thought to be part of the infra-structure sabotage by the enemy but will
actually turn out to be a hacker who formally worked on government computers.
The fellow, who’s name is Smith, will say he had built in the virus long before
the terrorist acts started and wasn’t actually any member of any organized
terrorist groups (although he belonged to a secret hacker club). He will recieve
a British court life sentence (20 years) which will set a precedent for future
cases which deem computer hacking and the creation of vicious viruses a
terrorist act

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