Asia – Part 2 -Written April.17.2002

Asia – Far Future

Today’s date is April.17.2002. Although
most of what is predicted in the Near Future of this section has not come to
pass, I’ll forecast that which I see happening far beyond those events

After the Great Recession\Depression in
the Asian regions, we are going to see a surge of defensive trade co-operation
and subsequent strong production between the Oriental countries. One cultural
trait that becomes glaringly apparent when travelling through the region, is the
people’s striking energy and work ethic, the willingness to sacrific the
hardships of the present to grow something, anything, for the

That part of the world has had more than
their fair share of foreign exploit, crazy Tin Pot dictators, imported
oppressive government systems and civil wars. All the while, business has
learned valuable lessons of commerce and trade from the West.

We hear quite a bit about the debts the
governments and large corporations are holding in the region. What most people
don’t know is that household or personal debt is almost non-existent! In fact,
it is with pride that an Oriental would say, “I own very little or nothing, but
I owe no one.” Compare that attitude to the West, where to governments,
corporations and individuals consumption on credit and a high ‘line of credit’
to purchase more, is a goal of value! Gold card, anyone?

Now the staggering prediction. The Asian
region will eventually overtake and surpass the wealth and economic power of the
entire non-Oriental world….combined!.

Did you know that the Japanese use the
term ‘barbarian’ in every day language when speaking of non-Orientals? Did you
know that the Chinese use the description ‘ghost man or woman’ for non-Orientals
in their common language? Did you know every other Oriental country has a
similar derogatory term for non-Orientals in their every day vocabulary? It’s

Which leads me up to where I’m going with
this. The Race Card. The Asian countries, after some extreme economic and social
hardships, including wars, famine and government purges, will eventually use a
racially based ‘them against us’ type of campaign to co-operate together to
flourish and prosper.

And flourish and prosper they will! The
tables will be turned. The acceptance of reasonable household debt to obtain
some luxuries will eventually come in vogue in Asia. Rather than relying on
foreign countries, especially America to buy their products, they will become
the importers in volume. Except at substantially reduced prices.

While the Middle East suffers as the
world weans itself off oil due to new energy, transportation and material
breakthroughs. While the Western governments, corporations and households pay
the piper for their twenty year easy credit induced spending folly, the Asian
regions strong work ethic, hungery for modernization billions population will

Of course, like all places that start out
as a freely elected democracy, eventually the people realize they can vote
themselves un-sustainable largess from the public purse in pensions, social
programs and benefits. But with prudence, that won’t collapse their economies
for a very long time.



Since the beginning of Mankind’s existence, people have always contemplated and gone to great
lengths to acquire some insight on what the future holds for them. Kings and
paupers alike have sought out soothsayers, religious wise men and more than a
few charlatans to help allay their fears and apprehensions of what tomorrow
will bring. Looking at the stars, reading palms or cards, studying the pattern
of chicken entails or the lay of bones and sticks, are all part and parcel of
the inexact practice of divination.

I think true prediction is, for the most part, observance of what has been going on up until now, part
assumption of where we are going to, and an intangible critical element, an innate spiritual ability.

The only real time that exists is NOW. Right NOW as you read this. Right this moment. Yesterday exists
only to those who’ve recorded it ( in their mind ) and no where else.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist even when you get there because it’ll be today and yet then, only in the
‘moment’ that you exist.

Time is actually and simply the measurement of the movement of objects. Your body being just one of those
objects. The hands moving around the face of a clock, is again, solely the
measurement of that movement.

Every creature possessing an intelligence to comprehend has some degree of innate predictive
ability. A pattern has been settled in their minds of what is to occur in the
future and they move forward on those assumptions. Things happen to upset
those routines but if it occurs enough times, the thinking being makes
adjustments for it so the event becomes a sub-routine within their living

For example, you have a fair idea of what you will do tomorrow.

If you went out to your car and seen that the tire was flat, your morning routine would be unsettled. You may be upset as well.
You would more than likely take it quite personal. It disrupted your
‘predicted’ routine. That predicted routine existed within your mind only and
probably in the minds of your co-workers as well. You unsettled their
prediction of when you were arriving and what you were going to do when you
got there.

If you experienced a flat tire daily, you would make allowances for the event ( waking up earlier
to fix it daily ) thus making it a regular sub-routine of your existence.
Even a creature in the wild has some type of predictive ability in that it assumes there is a meal
somewhere out there to be found. To think otherwise is to give up, lay down and die in

Thus, purpose in life has as it’s motivator, the ability to predict, to some degree, outcomes.
Otherwise why try?

I could easily predict another bus accident that kills people in India next year. There is a pattern
that can be observed. That isn’t all that difficult to predict. A true
prediction comes in the details. Details which, by all accounts, have no physical basis with which
they can be derived.

Within this site, you’ll see some predictions you’ll scoff at and say,”Big deal! Anyone could
see that coming!” and you’d probably be right. Some of my writings will be
general run-of-the-mill where things are going. Others may surprise you. Even
more so if they come true.

Some of my predictions derive from a spiritual sense or vision. No reason for seeing it happen.

Just comes to me without hocus-pocus, mumble-jumble or the use of my ‘special’
magic wish stone.

Remember, don’t dwell on yesterday. It only exists in your mind and in the mind of the others who were with you at that point of NOW. You’re here NOW and you create your

Who am I? I am a guardian spirit warrior, a very old wizard and an advanced level second life-time Scientologist.

I pass through the between-lives area fully cognizant and self-determined. Most people
have some spiritual abilities. One of my strongest happens to be the
ability to predict the future on any subject I set my attention on. The
proof of witch (joke) is on this web site.