The United Kingdom – Far Future – Written Feb.28.2002

The United Kingdom – Far

I believe I can put a finger on why it is
the UK becomes an economic basket case. I think it will not be because of
terrorism, although the serious attacks haven’t started at the time of this
writing. The UK will spiral into economic and social decline because it has gone
too far Left ( very expensive Socialism ) without an abundance of natural or
human resources with which to support it’s social programs or anything to ‘sell’
of actual products to the world. The UK hasn’t much of anything the world
community needs or wants, or at least as cheap as it’s neighboring European
countries can provide.

The UK will eventually drop it’s Imperial
currency due to the prevalent use and exceptance of the Euro in common commerce,
especially when tourist and trade dollars come in the form of the Euro. Also
especially, as the Pound devaluates, those holding Euros see a slight ever
increasing rise in their value.

Incredibly, the UK will eventually go
head-to-head against countries like the USA and Switzerland specializing in
providing insurance, business consultancy and banking services to productive yet
business-unsavvy regions. “Terrorist insurance anyone?”

More incredibly, the UK will emphasize
it’s unique tourism as a draw for wealthy travellers. We can expect tacky ghost
tours of old castles ( goes great when it’s foggy! ) especially as the Harry
Potter generations grow older. Also England, to fill a need to keep their money
at home and create sustainable employment, will be one of the first countries in
the world to build an underwater, fully functional city with which to visit,
work and live! It will indeed, be incredible and ever expanding. Although the
USA with no shortage of land, not to be out done, will also get into the act and
start to build underwater cities.

The eldest son of Prince Charles will be
the last publically financed royal family and hold the token title of King of
the Commonwealth ( for the tourists ). All lesser mortal royal family members,
except his younger brother, will have to get a job! He will be very popular and
perform his duties admirably. Unfortunately, his younger brother will meet with
tragedy. Drugs and alcohol. Much like Princess Dianna’s death spearheaded the
anti-land mine campaign, his chapter will be painfully slow and very much
public. It will act as a catalyst for more anti-drug activity, especially deadly
psycho-tropic perscription drug abuses by the psychiatric lobby.


Technology – Near Future – Written Oct.29.1999

Technology – Near

Two relatively new technologies will make
their way into general public exceptance within the next few years but won’t be
widely used mostly due to the price tags. One will be hybrid gas/ electric cars
with astounding gas mileage. Of course there will be demands for governments to
give tax rebates but the Treasury will say it amounts to a very expensive
subsidy to the auto industry and a subsidy to the wealthy as well since the
price will still remain higher than a similar style gas-only car.

The second technology to make it onto the
market place with a bit more success than the new autos will be go-anywhere
smart phones which combine satellite, land cell towers and home cordless phones
into one. Although expensive compared to the best cell phones, they will be less
expensive than the current satellite system phones. One horrendous problem will
emerge which will give marketing a black eye and crash sales figures for a spell
until rectified. That will be cross-service multi-billing nightmares when during
one call, the phone switches from cell to satellite or from cell to home line or
any combination which involves multiple service providers. Consumers will be hit
with complex service charges (cell tower and satellite user fees and territorial
taxes) which the main service contract companies can’t even sort out even on
one call. I see a fellow on CNN talking about a four dollar phone call
having an additional five dollars tagged-on in fees and taxes with a long
computer code as the only explanation. A person can be driving along talking
while the phone switches from cell to satellite all the while tacking pennies in
service charges onto the bill.

Due to Y2K, the governments will
institute standards of certification for computer programmers, standards of
coding and common interface and verification of quality before a
software product goes out and comes into common use. Programs will have to be
extensively tested and certified glitch-free by independent verification bodies
before the companies get to put them on the market. This will have to be done to
win the shattered confidence of the public to new computer software. Gone will
be the days of software companies rushing product out the door half-ass tested,
full of bugs and ‘funny’ features which require patches and forced upgrades. No
other mass produced products on this earth can have the quality issues that
software has presently and get away with it for long. Actually this prediction
would normally go into the ‘Distant Future’ category but the issue and
government action will start within a year. The implementation won’t happen for
at least three years.

A huge ‘back to the land’ and simplier
times movement will take place. Some will be old style hippy groups, others
hard-core survivalists, some religious and yet other groups are anti-government
anarchists. Something for everyone. Still, the majority elect to maintain their
creature comforts of modern life.

There won’t be many announcements of
spectacular technical or physical science breakthroughs over the next two years.
Projects will be worked on and some ready for release but they won’t be
announced or released until the dust settles and the economy starts turning

I expect the USA to complete the
intercept inter-continental ballistic missle program and have the system in
place just under three years by fall of 2002.

Technology – Beyond – Written Dec.09.2001

Technology – Beyond

Today, as I write this, it is
December.9.2001. I’m setting down here on this web page, not only predictions,
this is also a warning.

It’s with a heavy heart that I warn you
about ‘new’ wave technologies on the horizon and where I foresee it going with
disasterous implications for Man. One technology presently being worked on in
it’s early development stages is a type of microwave apparatus which sends, for
now, low-power waves or rays into a meat body ( animal or human ) which results
in intense pain. The waves actually warm-up or ‘cook’ the internal organs of the
recipient and render the target incapacitated. The technology is supposedly
being developed for violent crowd control. The pain can be so excruciating, the
target subject can’t think let alone react! A state of

Another branch of that study has been the
development of an ultra-sound gun which sends high-frequency sound strong enough
to burst ear drums! Presently, the problem with this one is that the scientists
can’t get the correct wavelength for the precise aim of the device. They don’t
want nearby innocents ears to bleed!

Scientists have been working for a long
time on trying to develop electro-magnetic wave weapons. We don’t hear anything
on this ( remember ‘The Philadelphia Experiments? ) but I think there are some
new breakthroughs on the horizon which spells big trouble for civilization. The
scientists are figuring out that the way to make electro-magnetic waves
effective against a target is to have the device alternate the currents,
negative to positive, which renders the subject semi or completely unconcious.
They will also know that they can implant commands into the unconcious minds of
the subjects and many will unknowingly carry out those commands JUST AS IF IT

Now imagine these devices actually
working successfully, then multiplying their power by ten…..or a
hundred-fold….in combinations!! You can see why I’m concerned. Imagine an
airplane circling over a populace rendering everyone within target range, deaf,
in extreme pain, and possibly unconcious while the ‘authorities’ dictate the
terms of their survival. There’s the warning.

Of course there will be protests against
these new weapons but if the dissent grows too unruly, the devices can be, and
will be used against those who object the loudest. An insane

The first utilization of these weapons
will be by dictator regimes after stealing the technology from the West. The
‘civilized’ nations will only use them domestically in arrest and hostage
situations and even then, in very limited applications where negotiations fail.
Warfare takes on new dimensions.

Space Exploration – Near Future – Written Nov.05.1999

Space Exploration – Near

In the fall of 2001, astronauts \
scientists will discover microscopic life-forms beneath the surface on the
planet Mars. The governments of the world will act quickly to draft and
implement a law which states that any life-form, plant or animal or otherwise,
un-identifiable, must never be brought to planet Earth but studied on
it’s home planet only. Another section of that same law will state that if any
person who comes into direct un-protected contact with a foreign life-form,
plant or animal, originating on another planet, must be quarantined for
whatever amount of time necessary until extensive tests and analysis of possible
adverse effects be carried out before they are allowed into the general
population back on Earth. Earth animals are never to be brought back, dead or

Space Exploration – Beyond

Space Exploration –

I predict one of the most important
breakthroughs in science within 5 years which transports Mankind deep into space
exploring far-off, only dreamed about galaxies and their

I could write a book full of the visions
I see happening after this milestone discovery and resultant technologies, but
many already have, in sci-fi novels!

Scientists have been working for a long
time on trying to develop electro-magnetic wave devices and weapons. We don’t
hear anything on this ( remember ‘The Philadelphia Experiments? ) but I think
there are some new breakthroughs on the horizon which spells big trouble ( see
‘Technology- Beyond’ section ) and some startling gains for

Did you know that at the time of this
writing, scientists know practically nothing about gravity? Yes, they can label
it and it is observable but other than that, NOTHING else, other than theories
are known. Calculations can only be done on how much force is required to
over-come this ‘natural’ force for air and space flight. Guess-timates can’t
even be done for how much additional force from gravity effects very tall

Breakthroughs will occur which give Man
the ability to harness the awesome power of gravity, not only on this planet,
but the gravity waves emiting from far off bodies as well. The science of
physics has been rot and rote with limiting unworkable theories perpetuated by
‘scholars’ bent on protecting their reputations at the expense of true progress.
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is wrong. Matter is not particles in and of
themselves but tightly ‘condensed’ energy. Energy which can be utilized,
transformed and re-structured.

Gravity will be utilized not unlike
electricity is used today, except the energy is unlimitless, self-renewing in
that it simply changes direction! Devices called a ‘Magnetron
Generator/Accelerator will be installed on space craft. The skin of the craft
will be made up of electro-magnetic cells which are billions of ‘magnetron
generator/accelerators’ controlled by a computer which tells the cells to pull,
act neutral or repulse magnetic gravity waves. It will use the gravity waves
from planetary bodies to ‘pull’ the craft at the same time as it repells gravity
waves from bodies it is going away from. The computers will lock on strong
stellar signals, accelerate the force internally and thrust the ship at
unbelievable speeds and great distances across the galaxies. Much like a magnet
can repell or draw an object to it.

Once the space craft has achieved it’s
speed, the ship would simply coast while it’s computers drop that link and lock
onto other gravity waves to change it’s projectile. Oddly, the farther away the
destination, the faster the craft can travel. If you are under 50 years old at
this time of writing, you will travel in space if you can afford the space

Social Issues – Near Future – Written Oct.24.1999

Social Issues

I see troubling times ahead. This will
turn out to be a very long, in-depth section.

I expect AIDS to move slowly
over the next few years from it’s present status as a homosexual human rights
issue to what it actually is……a deadly transmittable disease. Especially
when the death rate of adults and young teens start to take it’s toll in the
African countries and rapidly spreads throughout Asia and Russia. Millions upon
millions will die in every country every year! I think AIDS is the
sleeping crisis that’s going to flare-up in a frightening manner. Just due to
the fact most people refuse to be tested and the irresponsible act of
unprotected or promiscuous sex (things that governments can not legislate
against even though they may try), AIDS will continue to spread and wipe out
large numbers of people in the coming years.

Consider one sexually active
teen with AIDS going through four years of high school, possibly college or
university before showing any symptoms whatsoever! Consider the numbers of his
or her ‘conquests’ throughout those years. Consider the number of partners those
partners have had throughout that eight year span and you’ll get the idea of
what I mean and predict. Consider one AIDS infected prostitute working the
streets for eight to ten years. One promiscuous individual has the potential to
infect thousands. I think it’s already happening but we are not aware of it yet
(or refuse to see) and will continue until the ‘politizing’ of the AIDS issue is
retired and effective action is taken. I give it two years for this to begin to
happen at the most.

AIDS testing will be the only
substantial progress made in dealing with the disease. I can see most countries
restricting the entry of AIDS and other incurable disease carriers, legislated,
mandatory testing for everyone and possibly quarantine of those infected. Stiff
sentences will be handed out to those knowingly spreading disease which actually
translates into a life sentence in special prisons which resemble cheap
hospitals. Staff will be all AIDS-infected as well.

The rapid spread of AIDS and
other contagious diseases, especially those that seem to originate from foreign
countries and prove very deadly to the populace, will have the citizens
demanding and governments legislating travel restrictions and thorough testing
of visitors and immigrants before arrival. This will happen in every affluent
country. Only those poorer countries which depend heavily on tourism will not
require testing. There will be required testing of those returning home from
visits to those places as well.

I predict an outbreak of a
deadly disease that is brought in from an African country in mid-2001. The
landing will take place in New York City and quickly spread to four other
States. I see just under 5,000 people becoming infected and dying within a five
day period. That incident will be the catalyst for the legislative action on
travel restrictions. The super-strain of TB will come under the same restrictive
measures of social intercourse as well. AIDS, with it’s secretly infected
millions in the West, and the death toll mounting in Africa, Russia and Asia,
won’t be front and center for another three years.

The fear of contagion of
deadly disease will eventually bring about new social behaviour. The governments
will promote the regular washing of hands, slight nodding of the head as a
greeting (a successful contagion-inhibitive behaviour adopted from the Orient)
and discourage hand-shaking or kissing of acqaintances.

Obviously, the present day
concern over the worlds population explosion will quickly reverse to a crisis
situation of demising populations. Governments and the people themselves will be
concerned about the high death rates against the low birth rates in most
countries. More grand-parents will have to take the role of parents to raise
their orphaned grand-children.

Social Issues – Far Future – Written Jan.11.2002

Social Issues – Far

Here I’ll take the social issues past
AIDS which has now, gotten very serious. Deadly serious, actually, with more bad
news to come. Part 1 hasn’t played out it’s full course. Wait till 3 out of 10
sexually active people begin to get infected in the world! I kid you not! AIDS
will eventually die off, literally, without ever being cured.

As our society moves into the Advanced
Technical and Space Opera Era, under-employment and the unemployable will become
major social issues for a very, very long time. Illiteracy, under-education, and
drug abuse will under-score the problems. You may automatically think
‘difficulty with youth’ when you think of these issues as its always been. Not
so in the future. These problems will span across all generations and social

There are going to be riots by the
unemployables and heavy subsidies for the under-employed right up until the
wealthier governments implement a Basic Living Income which in effect,
guarantees a minimum survival level for all it’s citizens. The UK, Canada and
the United States will be the first.

When machines guided by super computers
can do practically every type of labour job. While materials will last longer
not requiring a lot of repair or maintenance. When the only people making a
fairly decent income will be technical staff doing the programming and systems
maintenance work, unless you have a job watching them perform with instructions
to push the OFF button if something goes wrong, the rest of us will be either
sitting at home or serving those elite techies. “Would you like fries with

Now I’m not saying there won’t be
millions of jobs still requiring selling, teaching, trades or physical skills
which cannot be supplanted by computers and machines. What I am stating is that
if there is any way whatsoever of supplementing the human element in any process
by the use of technology, then it will be done! Hang the social consequences.
There will simply not be enough low-tech jobs around to keep the masses
gainfully employed and the one’s that are, aren’t going to be paid very

If you think this employment situation is
bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet!

‘UNEMPLOYABLE’. Watch for that label
coming down the pike soon. The bar is constantly being raised by technology.
High school education? Not good enough. College grad or full university degree?
In what subject or can you upgrade?

Of course, remedies will be the next BIG
stage. Remedies for education problems, drug addiction and how to spend idle
time ( I kid you not! ). The retirement age will be lowered. Job sharing with
government income supplements will be enforced within the more affluent
societies. Less developed countries governments and their populace will simmer
in quiet apathy.

While Man goes off into space,
discovering new worlds and an abundance of raw materials for manufacturing.
While spectacular breakthroughs in technology bring benefits to Mankind’s health
and quality of life. While we make contact with wonderous, very different
civilizations in far off galaxies, we will have at home, a few generations known
as the ‘wasted generations’. The people passed by in the race into the

In twenty years or so, young children
will be properly tested for inert abilities and skills and thus, streamlined
into ‘speciality’ education programs specifically geared for their individual
needs. Oddly enough, children who have a knack for something, embrace and excel
in that subject. They need only to discover that which they do best. It’ll take
twenty years for this fact to be broadly known and acccepted in our old
education establishment. Under the guise of a broad education, holding children
for twenty years without specific purpose has only broadened the teachers
employment prospects! In the future, a young person, say around eighteen years
old, will know how to run or repair sophisticated mining equipment on some
far-off, airless, 1200 degree planet.

Russia – Near Future – Written Nov.07.1999

Russia -Near Future

Russia is toast…..burnt toast. After
Yeltsin dies next year and at the height of disruptions, the cash-rich Russian
mafia, in partnership with the military brass, will take control of the
parliament through financing of stooge candidates. The rape of Russian resources
and assets, by both underground and ‘officially authorized’ criminal elements,
will go un-impeded for quite some time. The Russian citizens will be the true
victims as the international money communities cut their loses and run. Russia
will plunge into a Dark Age of rampant crime, tribal warfare along ethnic lines
and total economic collapse.

The Russian organized crime families will
get in bed with the military brass. The Military will provide the muscle
(official use-of-force) and the mobsters will provide the money to pay the
soldiers. Ethical soldiers of concience will desert and start an underground
resistance movement but won’t make inroads until 2003.

In the fall of 2001, the international
community will become more concerned with the ruthless power and almost
unlimited finances the Russian criminals wield in foreign countries. The NATO
ally countries will implement the first orchestrated justice action against the
Russian mob and their liason with other organized crime groups and terrorists
around the world.

They will model their action after the
Italian organized crime clean-up in the early 1970’s.Expect massive round-ups
and quick imprisonment of many adult male Russian immigrants and
terrorists and their assets frozen in participating countries. Anyone Russian or
their close associates, who cannot show how or where they obtained their wealth
will be imprisoned while being investigated. The old civil-rights
method of investigation then retention will prove too over-whelming a task for
regular law inforcement procedures. The rules will change to accommodate quick
justice and a thirst by everyone to get at the murderers.

Civil Rights leaders will protest but the
public will ignore them and back their governments especially when confiscated
assets start funding new schools, hospitals and retiring government deficits and
debts. One revealing story will be of a group of Russian ‘businessmen’ who own a
cafe in Germany which has shown legally excepted by-the-government profits of
over $10 million dollars per month! Many law officials and innocent citizens
will die at the hands of Russian mobsters and their partners in many countries
before the world wakes up and takes action. Many government officials will go to
jail in the clean-up.

Part of the upheaval will be at the IMF
and the World Bank who’ve squandered almost $60 billion dollars of mostly the
West’s tax-payer funded loans, that ended up in the Russia mobs private coffers
over the past few years. Presently, this is being hidden from elected officials
and the public of the donor countries. This is the grosses and largest money
crime in Man’s history and will remain so forever. All other crimes of theft
pale in comparison to the amounts stolen from the IMF \ World Bank loans and
grants to Russia and their satellite States. Later 2001, extensive audits will
take place at those institutions after the donor countries threaten to pull out
of future contributions and do so. It will be revealed that many billions over
many years have disappeared into IMF \World Bank officals private accounts
before recepient treasuries had even seen a dollar!

I suspect that world governments are
letting the Russian mobsters have free reign in their societies at present. They
view them as a money machine posed for the picking for BIG cash when they’ll
desperately need it. War will bring on that desperation. Why legalize and tax
illegal drugs, gambling, prostitution, and the black markets when they can swoop
down when the going gets tough, and reap in 10’s of billions of dollars in huge,
publicly spectacular, vote-getting busts? As soon as the governments think they
have the need and the international cooperation and the organizations together,
the donor countries are going to take their money back, along with the ‘profits’
those funds have generated. Some mobsters who manage to arrange their freedom
while awaiting trial, will flee back home or to safe countries. The law
officials won’t care very much, for the criminals forfeit their multi-million
dollar bail bonds, are tried inabsentia and most importantly, the assets
obtained by crime go to the governments.

Russia will be a basket case for at least
five years, and remain internationally isolated until they, themselves get their
own house in order. The IMF and the World Bank will be dissolved and new,
streamlined, highly accountable organizations will be created in their

Russia – Far Future – Written Mar.03.2002

Russia -Far Future

I have to laugh. Putin, you’re a genius!
I can almost hear how the conversation in the Red Star Chamber went; “Tell the
IMF, the World Bank and the rest of those blood suckers, they’ll get their $60
billion back when we dam well feel like paying it back! And at whatever f…ing
interest we want to pay! Tell everyone who got those millions and billions
stashed away, and we know who you are, had better invest at home and finance
business ventures or we’ll take it away from them and put them in prison labor
camps for the rest of their f…ing lives! And when we want some bucks for our
government business, they better cough up whatever we ask! Better the organized
crime bastards, who know how Capitalism works, dole out the cash and kick ass
then our dis-organized crime bastards who run our stupid antiquated government

That’s why Russia reported one of the
highest business investment rates in the world in 2001! Putin’s governments way
of thinking is, it’s better to have Victor send out his gang of pipe\gun
wielding thugs to visit their legit managers to get production up, then to sink
money into bottomless holes of apathetic former government hand-out

But alas, criminals, although are great
at creating the BIG dream ( the Con ) and are able to get something started in a
BIG way, especially if they have loads of dough, are terrible long-term managers
and unable to complete projects once started. Oh sure, they can rant and rave to
keep the productive people in line for a while, but their continuous crimes and
cravens for greater excitment leads them to do themselves in or create numerous
enemies who will do them in eventually. Putin knows this. He’s just biding his
time until their educational institutions get modernized to graduate sound
Western-style business managers to take over those businesses not performing.
Read, until criminals are unable to pay the extortion fees to the government so
as to hold onto the ill-gotten money.

Unfortunately, Putin’s solution, abet
working temporarily, will run out of time. Not enough competent business
managers will become available to replace the failing criminals outside of
government and within. Blackmail is a lousy management tool. I bet there’s more
than a few who regret taking more than enough to quietly retire on, especially
when the government criminals come calling and tell them to do this or
else…..! The predictions in Russia – Near Future still stand. Expect Russia to
reinforce it’s old territorial expansion plans. Only this time with the United
States tacit consent!

It is an indictment of our sleazy world
governments that they would use a tragic incident like 9/11 to turn it to their
advantage and strengthen their power over people. Picture yourself standing
amongst your brothers, behind your Big Brother as he pounds a bunch of Middle
Easterners into the ground with a huge metal, spiked bat. Every once in a while
he turns around and hits you and your fellow brothers upside the head and says
he needs more of your money to carry on the fight! We all end up beaten down and
obedient to his every whim. Only, our blows are Human and Civil Rights and
Privileges our forefathers fought for against the ruling elite. The old ruling
elite never went away. They simply passed on the mantle, philosophy and elitist
attitude to their heirs.

Russia and the United States have joined
forces. We can expect the integration of a little of both systems. The West
teaches Russia how to turn their citizens into tax slaves and Russia teaches the
West the fine art of brainwashing it’s citizens into docility.

The Russian government and culture is
rife with criminality. It will take many generations before it’s citizens will
actually feel safe anywhere. The Russians are playing a two faced game allying
itself with two avowed enemies, China and the United States. They will continue
to play each to it’s own advantage. In fact, it is the true source of many
conflicts between the East and West. Whispering in one ear about the other,
inciting suspicion and mistrust.

On Bush’s statement, “Either you’re with
us or against us.”, Russia will eventually completely side with the USA as China
stumbles ( see China – Far Future when it’s ready). Russia will act as a junior
partner to the US in world affairs and do some of the dirty deeds the US
Constitution or the people will not allow. A brighter period will come when we
go off into space exploration together.

Religion – Near Future – Written Nov.21.1999

Religion – Near

Historically, the tougher the times are,
the more people discover the spiritual side of their existence. Much to the
dissatisfaction of the godless souls that are promoting the degradation of Man
and teaching our children that all things spiritual are whacko and that morals
and ethics aren’t important in one’s character, young and old, in all corners of
the Earth, are discovering or ‘re-discovering’ their lost relationship to the
Supreme Being and the Universe.

Major events recently have turned the
worlds attention and thoughts to matters of ethics, religious freedom and sexual
promiscuity or chastity. President Clinton’s infidelity has made us look at
morals and ethics in a personal way. Where do you sit on the issue? Was it OK as
long as he got away with it or was it immoral behaviour? Next was the burning of
Waco and the lose of innocent lives, especially the children, which made us
examine and consider the freedom of religion and the role of government. And
last but ongoing for a very long time, the spread of AIDS and other
transmittable diseases and how it will affect the sexual activity of future

Partner vows of manogamy, whether
sanctioned in marriage or not, will become in vogue moreso now that the penalty
for sexual promiscuity can be suffering and death. Marriage will return to the
status of a stable union and children will be raised in more stable family
invironments. Great religious wise men of old have all put sexual chastity into
their literature for they knew that Man couldn’t rise to higher plains of
enlightenment if they were earthbound in sexual obsessions. Materialism or
greed, as well, for that matter!

I predict that there will be a revival of
religious thought as our modern obsession in materialism and consumerism hits
the wall in economic hard times. Hard times that are starting now. As people
realize they’ve worshiped a false God presented to them in the media for too
long without achieving any true inner satisfaction or happiness, they will seek
answers to age old questions about why are they here and to what purpose?

I expect increased membership in the
older religions as well as the New Age movements and many people will quietly
pick and choose the various tenets they can agree and live with and believe in
internally from various practices. Less restrictive or organized then the church
elders would like but still effective and comforting to those who hold a
distrust of the organized religions.

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