The Middle East -Far Future -Written March.4.2002

The Middle East – Far

Today is March.4.02. I could have left
Part 1 of this topic play out before adding this, but I feel obligated to
complete this Project.

So Jihad has been declared
against the ‘modern’ world but only publicly by lesser players. The
stupid terrorists don’t even know whom they’re waging war on behalf of, and
believe me, it’s not Allah!

So the West will continue to smash the
Middle East. All the while communicating, “Do you see what we do to those who
attack us?!!” to the true sources of the troubles, China, Russia and Saudi
Arabia. “Either you’re with us or against us.” Russia has already ‘officially’
come on board but their gangsters/drug cartels/arms dealers aren’t going to give
up lucrative trading with terrorists so easily. They will be ‘taken

Revenge may be one of the debased
qualities of human nature, but one can afford to love thy enemy only after they
are rendered harmless. The Middle East is in for a very long ride

The long-term actions against the Middle
East, aside from hunting down terrorists, involves crushing their commerce.
Alternative oil sources are frantically being sought and new trade deals around
the world, cutting out the Middle East, are presently being inked. It’s akin to
taking out a hornets nest. Take away their ability to survive on honey ( oil
& opium ), all the while smoking out and killing the one’s hopefully before
they begin to attack.

Again as stated in Part 1, the sane and
educated in the Middle East will flee if they can and the region will slip back
into the Dark Ages. The introduction of new fuel and energy technologies,
presently being suppressed from use by vested interests, will make it even
harder for the Middle East to return to the ‘civil’ global

Only after the Middle Eastern countries
Muslim evolution and governmental and\or people’s revolution to democracy, will
they be allowed to join in world commerce and prosperity. It will take up to 20
years for some countries. The United States of America can hold a grudge for a
very long time!


Health Issues -Near Future -Written Dec.12.1999

Health Issues – Near

Unfortunately, as you read the various
topics on this site, two things may become apparent to you. One is that things
in general are taking a down-turn for the worst before they will
improve, and secondly, how everything seems, and is, intimately connected and
inter-related to each other. Like so with health issues, except that it is a
double edged sword.

As the medical scientists are making
spectacular breakthroughs around the world, so too are unprecedented threats to
all Mankind coming onto the horizon. Economies effect the health of the
citizens. Poorer economies fair worse in the prevention and spread of disease.
Rapid world travel bring along all types of germs and viruses introducing them
to human, animal and plant life which aren’t biologically prepared to handle the
new threats. But of course, you know that and isn’t something you want to rehash
on this page, but I wanted to set the stage for what’s to follow

Within the ‘Social Issues’ section, I’ve
covered AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. That was before I added
the Health Issues topic. I’ve mentioned the spread of a very contagious deadly
diseases in other sections, but this page will be more about some medical
breakthroughs coming and what they may mean to the world’s populace.
Unfortunately, the entire world won’t be sharing in the benefits of these modern
‘miracles’ for quite some time (see Far & Distant Future -Health Issues when
available) mainly due to the economies of poorer nations.

We are going to see some breath-taking
breakthroughs in medical science within the next few years. One will be the use
of super-computers to design and create replacement bones in the human body.
Every bone in the human body! Whether the bones, including vertebrae, are
missing, deformed or unfunctional, these super-computers will be able to
accurately estimate the correct proportions, weight and fit so that other
manufacturing computers will be able to create the parts to order using
synthetic materials already under development. NASA Research will get some of
the credit for the material used. I have a feeling that it is already available,
yet not mass produced. Super strong, body part friendly I believe. DNA mapping
will play some large part. Something about making the material acceptable to the
chemistry of the body. The ramifications of having millions of our disabled
citizens whole again I need not go into here. I’ll leave it to your imagination.
Arthritis, although not entirely cured, will be like having a door wear out on
your car, so you go in for a replacement. New fits and replacements of bones
will be easily accomplished as the bones wear out or the body changes in size.
Some people will actually walk again although nerve repair science will lag
behind a bit.

AIDS will not be cured but prevention in
the form of accepted social cautions and a so-so vaccine will make it’s way into
use. The super-strains of disease like TB will continue to take their toll in
human lives, but governments will soon step in with strict disease contagion\
containment policies. Quarantine and firm restrictions on travel of diseased
individuals will be enforced within two years, especially as the death tolls
rise, despite the civil libertarians protests. The public will be appreciative
of the firm measures imposed by almost all governments.

Unfortunately, I don’t see cancer being
all together cured within the next few years. There will be some great
inhibitors introduced soon which almost make the disease completely dormat
indefinitely. People will still require testing and the removal of
over-generating cell growth but the new medications will arrest the further
growth remarkably. There will be some problems as the new drugs can mess up
normal cell replacement, so a person would have to go off them for a spell.
Again the cancer can multiply in these periods. A fine line of cancer prevention
and over-inhibiting of normal cell growth will have to be walked, but it still
is an outstanding improvement. This will happen within two years as

On the one side of health issues, we have
great progress in medical science, yet on the other, we have some man-made
horror stories in the field about to be made public. Secret testing of vaccines,
genetically engineered foods and bio-chemical weapons in Third World countries
done by multi-national pharma-chem corporations, some secretly funded by our
‘modern’ governments. Psychology will come into more disrepute as the effects of
their psycho-topic drugs like Prozac and Retilin become more apparent in the
young generation raised in mental chemical soups. Especially when documented
links can be demonstrated between their drugs and the anti-social and violent
behaviour in the youth now becoming adults.

Unfortunately, we won’t see the Nazi-like
practices of the pharma-chem corporations and the psychiatric profession purged
from our societies begin for around two more years. The public are waking up.
The governments have financed the drug manufacturers and ‘modern’ mental
sciences in some stupid hope of controlling their populace. We will simply
change the governments. Many skeletons have yet to be exposed.

Many evil men will die in shame with
blood on their hands.

Heath Issues- Far Future -Written Dec.31.2001

Health Issues – Far

There will NEVER be a cure for AIDS. When
you look at how the virus re-models the DNA, you’ll see that nothing can make it
right again. A pill or injection won’t do the trick. Prevention and maintenance
are all we will be able to do. The so-so vaccine has come and gone ( the strains
are mutating into a stronger damaging virus ). The spread of AIDS now is mostly
due to irresponsiblity for self ( unprotective sex ) and an evil intention to
harm others ( to have others contract what you have and ‘share’ the misery ).
It’s murder.

I think governments and world scientific
communities know that there will be no cures for AIDS or Cancer but the benefits
in science research under the guise of ‘finding a cure’ are becoming very
fruitful. The Human DNA Project is one, along with drug development which seeks
to alter or attack ‘bad’ genes. Dangerous stuff that is.

The people who created AIDS and the
others who distributed the original virus are mostly dead now. Suicides or
accidents mostly. Now those who know the true nature of AIDS, of how it allows
lesser diseases an opportunity to grow and gain strength, like super-strain TB,
are getting frantic lest the entirety of Mankind become extinct!

The actual source of arthritis and cancer
and other diseases will be known within a few years and cures can be had IF they
haven’t progressed too far. Future AIDS prevention and maintenance programs
tells me that AIDS will be similar to other diseases that have come and gone off
the world’s stage without ever having being cured. The ill are eventually
quarantined or at least prevented from spreading it, and the disease dies off
along with it’s victims. This will take about 80 years and wipe out 25% of
Earth’s population, a few directly but mostly indirectly because the ill will
not reproduce.

Of course, a major issue which is already
on the front burner is the aging population and the raising health care costs.
Hey, the solution is what it is! Keep on paying and caring until they pass on!
And that’s how it will work out too.

Ethics & Justice -Near Future -Written Oct.25.1999

Ethics & Justice – Near


First off, I will state that I believe
Man is inherently good. We may act badly and do evil things at times, but we
always know before,during, and after, that we are doing wrong. The psychologists
will tell you that it is the norms of the society which resides within your
subconcious that tells you that you are doing wrong. A sort a yardstick with
which you grade your behaviour. “Everyone thinks this is wrong so it is wrong
and I’m wrong.”

I disagree. People are basically good.
The moral yardstick resides in our very nature as a natural state. Very young
children look embarrassed and quilty when they do things they know is wrong, yet
have never been told yet that doing that activity was

Even the psychotic serial killer will
tell you that he knew that he was doing wrong right from the beginning. They
stop themselves from their obsession to kill in their earlier years but give in
later, yet knew inherently that they were doing evil. Probably felt no remorse
but they still knew it was wrong. They hate themselves more than
societies norm that tells them it’s wrong.

Nothing much is happening on the surface
in the area of ethics and justice around the world. Things will remain the same
for a few more years. The West and some other countries have a two-tier justice
system, whereas the wealthy, famous and well-connected receive lighter sentences
for their crimes. The business executive receives a two year sentence for
bulking millions from pensioners while a lower status person gets twenty years
for robbing a bank of a few thousand dollars. Killing your children carries a
light sentence in most countries. Murder with remorse or insanity recieves
lighter sentences. Lawyers can play the legal loop-holes and drag a case on for
years, usually at the expense of the tax-payers.

At present, the judges, elected or placed
by political patronage, have generally swung their sympathies and compassions
over to the criminal. The language of the courts have been designed to paint the
victim as an object, not a person. Victim impact statements are starting to be
used but they can only be effective if the victim is still alive or articulate
in communicating their lose. People are suing for large sums in a game of ‘get
rich quick’ and many juries are going along with it.

As stated before, nothing seems to be
happening on the surface in the area of ethics and justice but much is occurring
in the mind-set of the general population. The injustices of justice, as
practiced today, are only starting to boil to the surface in public outrage.
Mention in any social gathering, some of the outrages, light sentences for
outrages crimes. The basic goodness of Man surfaces in the looks and comments of
disgust. There is a sea-change happening. The judges and politicians don’t quite
‘get it’ yet, but they will.

I don’t expect things to change within
the next few years. The outragious unjust sentences and the ‘special’ treatment
afforded to people of influence is having an accumulative effect on the
populace. I expect more vigilanty justice type incidents happening for a few
more years while the citizens organize and demand changes. Most of us will grin
and bear it for a while longer.

Ethics & Justice -Far Future


Ethics & Justice – Far


Well, the sea-change in Ethics &
Justice, as mentioned in Part 1, is actually here! It wasn’t even here 6 months
ago but it’s starting now.


The primitive conflict amongst Man hasn’t
been between the religious and non-religious, the Left against the Right, the
Capitalists and the Socialists or the powerful and the peons. No, the basic
ageless struggle has been Evil against Good.


Decent people, being decent to others and
carrying on life with as little harm to others as possible, is, in the main, the
make-up of this world. We’ve just been a little naive and confused by the
‘righteous causes’ and disguises Evil people present to us to keep us from
seeing what they are actually DOING!


We are becoming the awakened, becoming
aware of the terrorism and bloodshed of innocents, the tyranny of un-elected
answerable-to-no-one dictators. We are spotting suppression of children and poor
adults around the world and pointing and saying, “There! Over there! I see some
more. Let’s do something about it NOW!”.


When Ethics comes in and begins to be
applied, you can expect some things to blow up in our face. Unspeakable Evils
committed against the Good people in one final effort to stop us and win the
day. But we will persist and will eventually rise to a new

“An idea is greater than the sword.”
Well, that idea is DEMOCRACY! All people, all over the world, want to vote for
their leadership, share with others, along with share in the prosperity of their
country in free elections. It’s such a simple step. Once the people know they
can have democracy, participate in and be assured there is a powerful world body
who won’t let one individual or party take it away from them, Ethics &
Justice can sweep in.


Without Ethics & Justice in a
society, the economy is unproductive, the environment isn’t safe for women and
children or all peoples for that matter, and progress cannot be made. Rules are
arbitrary and dependent on the leaders wisdom or ignorance. We, as a
civilization, are now raising towards a higher plateau. Expect bloodshed, but
the Good guys will win.


And to you who read this and ‘hate’ what
it says, FUCK YOU!!

The Environment -Near Future – Written Nov.3.1999

The Environment – Near

There will be a few nuclear plant
meltdowns which release deadly radiation into the surrounding areas. I predict
twelve nuclear plants will leak radiation. Six of them will be in Russia, three
in France, and one small leak in the USA. Two others in Japan. Although the
initial death toll will be very low from these incidents, many people will be
exposed and become very sick for many years to come. The actual numbers may
never be known or made public. The public will demand all nuclear
plants be shut down that aren’t fully protected and safe. All governments will
concede quickly. Quite a few of the almost five hundred nuclear plants in the
world will never be started up again mostly due to the cost and lack of
investment and public confidence.

As a result of the radiation leaks,
deadly clouds will form which have to be monitored by a world agency as to their
direction and RAD levels. Two clouds, each covering a few hundred square miles,
will have an adverse effect on the countries and those societies commerce as
they move with the wind currents. People will be warned beforehand, not unlike a
storm forecast, to stay inside, rinse their food and wash their clothes often
until the cloud has moved on. A technology not widely known to help cleanse the
body of high radiation doses will become a standard medical practice strictly
out of necessity (do or die prematurely).

The worlds livestock population will
deminish rapidly. This will be good for the environment because the ozone
depletion caused by cattle flatulence and livestock’s feed demands will go down
considerably but horrible for the industry economically. Humans will have to
substitute vegetarian diets in place of meat. The affluent will be the only ones
who will be able to afford meat. As a result, people will actually become more
healthy in their eating habits and shed unhealthy excess weight.

A lot of factories (actually millions
world-wide) are going to be closed due to economic problems. Pollutants from
chemical producing plants will drop considerably but there are going to be
numerous accidental releases through spills and explosions throughout
the world, including the West. Governments will order the abandoned
factories sealed. The spills onto the soil, into the water-ways and into the air
will later become very apparent. I see entire neighborhoods closed off and
abandoned forever in almost every major city in the world. The poor will move in
and squat in some buildings. Government officers will forcibly remove the
squatters but they will return as soon as they are released. Most governments
give up trying to remove the people after a while and justify it as the
squatter’s own choice. The public agrees.

The Environment -Far Future -Written Dec.27.2001

The Environment – Far

I can see a spacecraft ever so carefully
suspended so as not to come within the 200 mile radius no-fly zone around the
planet Earth. Filled with university students in a class on Mother Earth
Studies, who’ve come from a far off galaxy. Except by that time, it is indeed
respectfully called ‘Mother Earth’.

Young faces press against the space
screen to catch their first real live view of the fabled green and brown, but
mostly blue planet with it’s swirls of white clouds, wrapping it here and there
as if in a loving embrace. The professor explains that at first the natives
battled for land and the control of the people on those lands. Next, they
battled for a very dirty energy source called oil, which actually formed
naturally under the soil, although there was a gross misconception that it was
formed from decayed plant and animal life. The students giggled.

The professor went onto explain that just
when their primitive civilizations were about to embrace new energy technologies
like solar, wind, underground thermal and harnessing electro-magnetic waves, Man
began battling one another over religious differences! Most all acknowledged the
existence of a Supreme Being by various names, but it was the messengers or
numerous paths to enlightenment which came into dispute.

“Why do I highlight the war-like nature
of the ancient natives of Mother Earth?” the professor asked. “Because after oil
and religion,” the professor went on to answer his own question, “water was the
main reason for many long years of land disputes and both physical and economic

“Professor, weren’t a vast percentile of
the composite of bio-life forms on Mother Earth made out of H2O?” a well-read
student asked. “Exactly!”, answered the professor and went onto explain how Man
would ‘get rid’ of their human and industrial waste in water-ways in the futile
hope that it would disperse somewhere, anywhere, but in their own backyards.
Except that most of the pollutants simply accumulated. Clean drinking water
became scarce, invaluable to sustain life and land was only valuable if it had a
clean fresh water source. Water that could be sold and taxed.

As water becomes rightly more valuable
than oil, technologies will be developed to assist nature in cleaning up the
rivers, lakes and ocean sediment bottoms and shorelines. As advances are made in
efficient space travel, almost porportionately, advances will be implemented in
planetary clean-up activities. It has been reported by today’s astronauts that
after viewing Mother Earth across vast regions of space, one’s attitude changes
markedly. Earth’s importance in sustaining our lives, and the true biological
miracle that it is, becomes apparent.

Presently our governments are getting a
clue of their countries last, most valuable resource. Audits are being quietly
done on volumes available of fresh drinkable water, estimates of what it would
take to clean-up the most salvageable pools (pun intended) and policy on sales
and export restrictions are being put into place. The economic and physical
battle lines are being drawn so to speak.

As other planetary environs are being
explored in the ‘Great Space Age’, mineral and chemical elements will become
available in abundance for use by Mankind. Mother Earth will then be deemed a
sanctuary, to be protected and preserved for all time. No manufacturing will
occur here except small arts crafts utilizing the tiniest of resources to be
sold throughout the ‘civilized’ galaxies.

Mother Earth preserved and protected so
much so, that only native Earthlings and limited visitors can live

China – Written Oct.27.1999

China – Near Future

China’s a country which hasn’t reached
anywhere near it’s potential to be a major player on the world scene. It could
easily surpass all countries, including the United States, by shear force of
numbers of workers and consumers of products once it shook off the suppressive
yoke of Communism, became truly democratic and modernized sensibly. A tall order
but easily do-able. The old fellows in their 80’s you see in the top seats of
the Chinese government aren’t the true rulers and managers of China.
They serve more as figure-heads, much like our Senate but with far less
influence. It’s their assistants and younger managers running their departments
who really hold the power.

I’ve travelled and spent considerable
time in Asia, including Hong Kong and mainland China and I speak a little of the
language. My wife grew up in China and came to the West as a refugee in her
twenties just after the student killings in Bejing. One thing which becomes
apparent to you as you travel around the country is the immense population in
comparison to most all other countries except perhaps India. The proportions of
bodies utilized in relation to everything, army, policemen, government workers,
bank employees, street cleaners,etc. is immense! In one view, down one street,
in one major city, your eyes can take in 50,000 people. Glance down another
street you’re crossing at an intersection and see another 50,000 people. Turn
around and see another 50,000 people behind you! Incredible! And that’s only the
people on the sidewalks!

China will be badly affected by the
economic downturn. Moreso in the import/export areas than in agriculture or
internal commerce. Though they use computers, they aren’t used as extensively as
the West or modern Europe. They surprizingly ulitilize more people to do things
by hand (helps keep the masses employed) and computers have been too expensive
for small businesses to buy and use. Commerce by the people is still mostly done
with cash. Where they will be badly hit is in power, telecommunications and the
exports of their products, mainly due to shipping and international commerce
problems. This, of course, will result in massive unemployment and a severe

China still retains a lot of the ‘old
world’ ways in agriculture and product manufacturing (manual labor) so will
recover internally very rapidly from the adverse effects of Y2K

I see some type of ‘polite’ purge of the
old guard out of the highest seats of the Chinese government very soon. Those
assistants and managers who actually run things will organize, elect one of the
more competent leaders amongst themselves and send the older fellows into a
specially created advisory council. The elderly, frail members will be grateful
to bow out from the pressure gracefully and the public will be complacent as
ever with the new leadership. Chinese government is so BIG, with so many members
dealing with so many people, the common people there are overwhelmed with all
things government. The transfer should be smooth. There will be some trouble
from the military but the generals will be won over, promised more perks and
expanded power.

The catalyst will come early in 2000.
Three or four of Mao’s old war-horses will die of old age within a two week
period, leaving a power gap with which the younger members will see an
opportunity to institute some changes for the entire body.

In 2001, China will take neighboring
territories in one fell swoop. Hong Kong and the Macao take-overs have rekindled
the flame of expansionism in the Chinese leadership. The advantages in commerce
and power prove too much to resist and a fine diversion for public unrest with
unemployment and borderline starvation. Especially while the USA and other NATO
countries are in disarray over economic disruptions and the United Nations has
become insolvent and ineffective. Self-preservation in the USA and most
everywhere else, along with a firm reluctance by uneffected countries to get
involved in foreign military disputes, provides an opportunity for China’s

The World Bank, the IMF, NATO and all the
other world bodies will register their protest and impose sanctions and sabber
rattle, but China will thumb their nose at them and carry on with their
intregration. (see Wars)

Asia – Part 2 -Written April.17.2002

Asia – Far Future

Today’s date is April.17.2002. Although
most of what is predicted in the Near Future of this section has not come to
pass, I’ll forecast that which I see happening far beyond those events

After the Great Recession\Depression in
the Asian regions, we are going to see a surge of defensive trade co-operation
and subsequent strong production between the Oriental countries. One cultural
trait that becomes glaringly apparent when travelling through the region, is the
people’s striking energy and work ethic, the willingness to sacrific the
hardships of the present to grow something, anything, for the

That part of the world has had more than
their fair share of foreign exploit, crazy Tin Pot dictators, imported
oppressive government systems and civil wars. All the while, business has
learned valuable lessons of commerce and trade from the West.

We hear quite a bit about the debts the
governments and large corporations are holding in the region. What most people
don’t know is that household or personal debt is almost non-existent! In fact,
it is with pride that an Oriental would say, “I own very little or nothing, but
I owe no one.” Compare that attitude to the West, where to governments,
corporations and individuals consumption on credit and a high ‘line of credit’
to purchase more, is a goal of value! Gold card, anyone?

Now the staggering prediction. The Asian
region will eventually overtake and surpass the wealth and economic power of the
entire non-Oriental world….combined!.

Did you know that the Japanese use the
term ‘barbarian’ in every day language when speaking of non-Orientals? Did you
know that the Chinese use the description ‘ghost man or woman’ for non-Orientals
in their common language? Did you know every other Oriental country has a
similar derogatory term for non-Orientals in their every day vocabulary? It’s

Which leads me up to where I’m going with
this. The Race Card. The Asian countries, after some extreme economic and social
hardships, including wars, famine and government purges, will eventually use a
racially based ‘them against us’ type of campaign to co-operate together to
flourish and prosper.

And flourish and prosper they will! The
tables will be turned. The acceptance of reasonable household debt to obtain
some luxuries will eventually come in vogue in Asia. Rather than relying on
foreign countries, especially America to buy their products, they will become
the importers in volume. Except at substantially reduced prices.

While the Middle East suffers as the
world weans itself off oil due to new energy, transportation and material
breakthroughs. While the Western governments, corporations and households pay
the piper for their twenty year easy credit induced spending folly, the Asian
regions strong work ethic, hungery for modernization billions population will

Of course, like all places that start out
as a freely elected democracy, eventually the people realize they can vote
themselves un-sustainable largess from the public purse in pensions, social
programs and benefits. But with prudence, that won’t collapse their economies
for a very long time.


Since the beginning of Mankind’s existence, people have always contemplated and gone to great
lengths to acquire some insight on what the future holds for them. Kings and
paupers alike have sought out soothsayers, religious wise men and more than a
few charlatans to help allay their fears and apprehensions of what tomorrow
will bring. Looking at the stars, reading palms or cards, studying the pattern
of chicken entails or the lay of bones and sticks, are all part and parcel of
the inexact practice of divination.

I think true prediction is, for the most part, observance of what has been going on up until now, part
assumption of where we are going to, and an intangible critical element, an innate spiritual ability.

The only real time that exists is NOW. Right NOW as you read this. Right this moment. Yesterday exists
only to those who’ve recorded it ( in their mind ) and no where else.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist even when you get there because it’ll be today and yet then, only in the
‘moment’ that you exist.

Time is actually and simply the measurement of the movement of objects. Your body being just one of those
objects. The hands moving around the face of a clock, is again, solely the
measurement of that movement.

Every creature possessing an intelligence to comprehend has some degree of innate predictive
ability. A pattern has been settled in their minds of what is to occur in the
future and they move forward on those assumptions. Things happen to upset
those routines but if it occurs enough times, the thinking being makes
adjustments for it so the event becomes a sub-routine within their living

For example, you have a fair idea of what you will do tomorrow.

If you went out to your car and seen that the tire was flat, your morning routine would be unsettled. You may be upset as well.
You would more than likely take it quite personal. It disrupted your
‘predicted’ routine. That predicted routine existed within your mind only and
probably in the minds of your co-workers as well. You unsettled their
prediction of when you were arriving and what you were going to do when you
got there.

If you experienced a flat tire daily, you would make allowances for the event ( waking up earlier
to fix it daily ) thus making it a regular sub-routine of your existence.
Even a creature in the wild has some type of predictive ability in that it assumes there is a meal
somewhere out there to be found. To think otherwise is to give up, lay down and die in

Thus, purpose in life has as it’s motivator, the ability to predict, to some degree, outcomes.
Otherwise why try?

I could easily predict another bus accident that kills people in India next year. There is a pattern
that can be observed. That isn’t all that difficult to predict. A true
prediction comes in the details. Details which, by all accounts, have no physical basis with which
they can be derived.

Within this site, you’ll see some predictions you’ll scoff at and say,”Big deal! Anyone could
see that coming!” and you’d probably be right. Some of my writings will be
general run-of-the-mill where things are going. Others may surprise you. Even
more so if they come true.

Some of my predictions derive from a spiritual sense or vision. No reason for seeing it happen.

Just comes to me without hocus-pocus, mumble-jumble or the use of my ‘special’
magic wish stone.

Remember, don’t dwell on yesterday. It only exists in your mind and in the mind of the others who were with you at that point of NOW. You’re here NOW and you create your

Who am I? I am a guardian spirit warrior, a very old wizard and an advanced level second life-time Scientologist.

I pass through the between-lives area fully cognizant and self-determined. Most people
have some spiritual abilities. One of my strongest happens to be the
ability to predict the future on any subject I set my attention on. The
proof of witch (joke) is on this web site.